Scottie Scheffler was teased by Justin Thomas and Dottie Pepper for a peculiar cause.

April 21, 2024

Scottie Scheffler is nearly flawless with his recent string of wins, from Bay Hill to the Players Championship and even at the Masters. He continued this trend by sharing a lead in the RBC Heritage on Saturday, despite being able to ease up or potentially miss the cut. There’s barely any criticism that can be thrown at him – he’s practically impeccable.

During his guest appearance on the CBS broadcast Saturday, Justin Thomas had some slight criticism for the top-ranked player in the world. He shared this comment with Amanda Renner following his third round.

Thomas remarked that it’s peculiar for Scottie to use high-numbered golf balls, like the number 6 on his Titleist Pro V1. He added that in his experience with elite players, he has not observed them utilizing such numbers.

Renner informed him that Dottie Pepper, who was equally perplexed, was his ally. The conversation is shown below:

Admitting to having his own superstitions, Thomas confessed his aversion towards using a ball marked with the number 4. However, Scheffler’s overwhelming aura made him and Pepper hesitant about teasing it further before Thomas couldn’t help but consider pursuing it in hopes of gaining some semblance of that coveted No.1 magic.