Have you witnessed this movie previously during the ultimate stage of RBC Heritage?

April 21, 2024

After a lackluster beginning at the RBC Heritage, seemingly due to post-Masters exhaustion, it’s no surprise that the top-ranked golfer responded with an impressive performance by winning back his momentum in the latter half on Thursday. This was followed by extraordinary play on Friday and Saturday where he scored 65 and 63 respectively- thrusting him into first place with only Sunday’s anticipated dominance remaining.

If that’s the scenario, then you’re not alone. The reigning World No.1 who claimed victories at Bay Hill, Sawgrass and Augusta – known as the second of his name, ruler on tee to green including putting-grounds now takes up for guarding Tour in capacities like “Father of Birdies” or even holding titles such as Khal of Great Grass Fairway being Unbogeyed while also able to break Par without a sweat… it seems he has returned with full force this time around and we doubt anyone can hinder him from dominating again.

They were unable to perform on Saturday, but Scheffler was exceptional. He showcased his skills by hitting breathtaking shots such as making absurd bombs and dropping approaches within inches of the target, all while seemingly controlling the trajectory and flight of his ball with ease (although this cannot be verified). Scheffler’s brilliance persisted throughout the day resulting in a round that was two strokes better than any other player. Although J.T Poston had also set an impressive score during round one he did not have the same psychologically crushing impact on competitors like Scheffler did today. Additionally, Shefflers flawless game-play continued for 51 holes before finally receiving double bogey at hole three back Thursday evening.

The PGA Tour, searching for innovative ways to present the sport, finds itself at a loss and echoing our sentiments by asking, “What’s new?”

Scheffler’s continued success after his Masters campaign doesn’t come as a surprise to him.

“I wouldn’t say so,” he stated. “Initially, I made an effort to obtain as much rest as possible during the commencement of this week. Luckily, my schedule for the week allowed me to avoid any early morning duties or commitments. On Thursday and yesterday I had later starts at 10:30 am and 1:30 pm respectively, and today’s match concluded before lunchtime leaving ample time in each morning to recharge properly while preparing myself mentally for competitions.”

When we lack original language, statistics become our fallback. However, even these are failing to provide us with new information. This week’s stats show Scheffler is excelling in strokes gained/off the tee and approach shots but struggling in putting (ranked 27th). Ironically, this weakness may be his biggest threat since it previously allowed other golfers to keep up with his exceptional ball-striking abilities over the past three years. Nevertheless, thanks to a new putter and guidance from Phil Kenyon, he has rapidly climbed into being among the top half of players at every tournament; as such an unstoppable force who surpasses everyone else – much like Poseidon creates floods that engulf everything they touch!

Do you think it’s worth discussing the individuals pursuing him? There’s Collin Morikawa, who seems to have regained his excellence after a curious swing correction and experimenting with Mallet World. Also in the mix is Sepp Straka – a key player for Team Europe at Ryder Cup- whose performance has been exceptional across different components of his game this week. Don’t forget about Ludvig Aberg, the young Swedish prodigy who would be winning if Scheffler wasn’t present! Other notable names include Poston, Sahith Theegala, Patrick Rodgers, Patrick Cantlay, Seamus Power , Stephan Jaeger and Xander Schauffele.

All of the contenders are close to each other in terms of performance and have their strengths. It is plausible that one among them may emerge victorious at Hilton Head on Sunday, but it seems improbable like hoping for a hot air balloon filled with gold landing on your front yard as you leave for work on Monday morning. While technically possible, the likelihood is low compared to just getting into your car, charging your phone and driving out from home. The probable winner would likely be Scottie Scheffler instead.

Fortunate for us, although it may seem predetermined, the foundation of this entire situation is truly outstanding golf. I personally believe that excellence at such a high level is never dull and continuously captivating. Even those who analyze statistics to measure success have consistently come to the same verdict – no one but Tiger Woods has accomplished a comparable amount of sustained brilliance in the past three decades (at minimum).

Scheffler’s current winning streak is notable for its historic significance. Despite his reserved demeanor and the absence of the flashy dynamics exhibited by golf greats like Tiger Woods, Jordan Spieth or Rory McIlroy, Scheffler’s performance is transformative in itself. Although we may think we can predict what will happen on Sunday, nothing about Scheffler’s latest victory fails to astonish us even if it isn’t unexpected.