Nelly Korda’s domination of the LPGA is largely attributed to an impressive statistic that sets her apart from others in the sport.

April 19, 2024

Nelly Korda, in her streak of four consecutive wins, has taken full advantage of an exceptional performance on the par-5 scoring section that the LPGA Tour has hardly witnessed before. Her impressive average score of 4.33 strokes on these holes during her winning spell surpasses even PGA Tour’s top-ranked player and Masters champion Scottie Scheffler’s record-breaking average of 4.35 strokes per hole played.

At 25 years old, Korda is well aware of her incredible skills on the golf course. Even after experiencing a double bogey in the beginning of her second round at Chevron Championship, she quickly recollected herself and focused on capitalizing on her most successful scoring holes.

Korda expressed that there are ample chances for her to play plenty of golf and conquer a fair amount of par 5s, which she considers during the game.

By carding birdies on all the four par 5s during Friday’s round, Korda managed to obtain a score of three under-par 69 and surged ahead of her competitors to take the lead with an overall scorecard reading seven under. As play continued in the afternoon, she maintained this position at the top. After having played through 36 holes, she has successfully completed Carlton Woods’ par-5 courses six strokes below their defined standard scoring level by hitting them six-under in total.

Korda’s impressive winning streak began in January at the LPGA Drive On and has continued through the first two days of the Chevron Championship. Her success is largely attributed to her incredible performance on par 5s, where she has scored an outstanding 43 under – accounting for most of her total score of 47 under during this period. According to records dating back since1992, Korda is poised to break Sei Young Kim’s single-season scoring record on par-5s (4.45) achieved in a campaign featuring only two wins last year; whereas Yuka Saso holds top position for career average with an exceptional rating of (4.57), trailed closely by Korda ranking second place with a near-equally remarkable rate (4.58).

Korda began her winning streak by making the most of par 5s in the final rounds of her first two victories in 2024. In Bradenton, Florida, where she grew up, Korda impressively eagled the challenging 499-yard par-5 at Drive On to close within one shot behind Lydia Ko’s clubhouse lead. With a birdie on hole eighteen and a playoff win against Ko who had won twenty times before that point, Korda clinched victory. Similarly stunning was her performance outside Los Angeles last month when she sank an eagle for the long-distance 509-yard thirteenth during Fir Hills Seri Pak Championship; even after bogeying twice consecutively towards end play-offs were still possible thanks largely due to this feat alone!

According to Korda’s caddie, Jason McDede, her progress in driving accuracy and chipping has fostered a sense of assurance within herself that enables her to take on every par 5 with determination. Even if she fails to hit the green, Korda is skilled enough with wedges such that it still opens up opportunities for birdies.

“When we reach the par 5s,” shared McDede, “I encourage her to maintain a solid rhythm before she approaches the shot. Once ready, she executes and if it’s quality, our goal is usually to aim for the green. It boils down to focusing on those specific holes.”

Korda’s typical driving distance on paper this season is 263.1 yards, which ranks her at number thirty-nine among tour players – a lower placement than what one might expect from someone excelling in longer holes. However, Korda missed out on four events during the heat of southeast Asia after taking seven weeks off to rest; this inadvertently helped raise her peers’ average driving stats while she was absent. Since playing in five subsequent tournaments, Korda has managed to maintain an average ranking of twenty-third for their respective distances driven compared with other tour professionals.

During the first round at Chevron tournament competition play event sponsored by Gulf Oil Corp located within California state boundaries held annually since nineteen seventy-six (1976) and open only baseball fields specially routed through sprawling golf greens that feature some hard-to-navigate slopes-, it should be noted that Jessica faced even greater challenges due to difficult course conditions including having donned medals as runner-up medalist all along one hole where making accurate plays proved too elusive for most competitors who attempted navigating its twists and turns- yet remarkably ended up ranking third overall regarding length accomplished off-the-rack teeing lines spanning about three hundred feet each despite such unfavorable circumstances arising against them! Moreover, based upon generalized statistics tabulated over recent competitions albeit inclusive criteria containing last five starts now available according publicized data sources online:

Still more evidence supports aforementioned statement highlighting amongst others how particular showing itself stood further apart relative past individual outings thus far witnessed pitting long-driving abilities together showcased exceptional skill shown throughout challenge presented both chip-shot hits towards immovable targets abutting fairways placed strategically between hazards lining entire way forward up onto putting green immediately following completion thereof

Due to her schedule, the accuracy of her drives has been slightly affected. She is currently ranked 71st with a driving accuracy percentage of 74.1% this season. However, at Shadow Creek during the Match Play tournament last month – which happens to be one of LPGA’s toughest venues- she was only able to hit 64% fairways resulting in dragging down her average.The outlier performance notwithstanding and accounting for Korda‚Äôs first two days’ play at Carlton Woods; it can thusly be established that Korda hits up a default rate marking 76..1 percent as compared against achieving career-best from winning four times throughout the year nineteen twenty-one (2021).

Korda mentioned that she is hitting the driver accurately and precisely where she intends to, which is crucial for scoring well on par 5s.

After completing her opening 68 in the Chevron, Korda was questioned about what sparked her four birdies within a span of six holes. She seemed to brush off the inquiry by citing that she had merely made birdies on two par 5s – specifically, the fourth and eighth which were both over five hundred yards long.

On Thursday, Korda mentioned that she had hit an excellent tee shot and was left with a position on the front of the green at hole 8. She also indicated that her second attempt ended up just short of being on the putting surface, but still in close range to make a putt for birdie which she successfully completed with two putts.

Korda’s consistent scoring is creating a sense of invincibility, as she has managed to avoid any missed shots on par 5s in her last eleven rounds.

In case Korda finds herself at the 18th hole on Sunday requiring a score of red to secure victory, it’s worth noting that in the previous year’s Chevron tournament she successfully eagled the par-5 18th – an impressive feat which earned her third place.

Even though Korda is heading towards network TV for the weekend, her concentration remains unchanged as she has repeatedly preached throughout the week about entrusting herself to routines.

“I’m currently only halfway through,” Korda stated. “Considering the amount of golf I’ve already played, an equal measure is still remaining for me to play. As there’s a significant portion yet to come, anything can happen on the course. My coach advises that sticking with my process and staying positive will be crucial.”