Josh Allen 2.0? Draft Prospect Reacts to Buffalo Bills QB Comparisons

April 10, 2024

Tennessee Volunteers quarterback Joe Milton has seen many comparisons to Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen. How does he feel about the strong similarities?In this story:JOSH ALLENBUFFALO BILLSJOE MILTONNFL DRAFTThe Buffalo Bills aren’t in the market for a passer, but teams envious of superstar quarterback Josh Allen may turn their attention to developmental starters on Day 3.As far as toolsy prospects go, you’d struggle to find anyone who epitomizes the phrase quite like Tennessee quarterback Joe Milton.Milton has the biggest arm in the class, and it isn’t particularly close. Between the jaw-dropping downfield chucks and tantalizing velocity, Milton has the highlight reel to go toe-to-toe with prospects projected several rounds ahead of him. Down-to-down consistency has proven to be elusive, but his ceiling is remarkable, however unattainable it may be.From a physical perspective, Milton has drawn comparisons to Allen, perhaps the most impressive specimen the position has to offer. On “Up & Adams,” Milton reacted to the comparisons, along with his relationship with quarterback coach Jordan Palmer—another similarity between the two passers.“I feel like he plays a great game, he’s also smart, and also he’s a big human as well,” Milton said. “But just the way that he maneuvers and deciphers defenses, pretty much all you can do is just praise him. Milton measured in at the Combine at 6-foot-5 and 235 pounds. He declined to run, but he shows plus athleticism on film, and his 10-foot-1 broad jump evidences strong acceleration. The offense he ran at Tennessee is a far cry from what he’ll see at the next level, but like Allen, his tools can solve problems for him in the event he winds up playing early on.“We also had the same quarterback coach through our draft process, so being able to talk to Jordan Palmer about Josh Allen and how he operates, the type of person he was, understanding that he’s also country strong and just being massive. It’s different, Jordan being able to talk to me how he talked to Josh Allen, it’s a process where you just have to appreciate it.”If anyone knows what it’s like to be viewed as a project passer, it’s Allen. But through off-season training and the environment Buffalo provided him, he would wind up flourishing.It would be overzealous to loft Allen’s performance as an expectation for Milton, but the Bills provided the blueprint for a prospect like him to succeed. His landing spot in (or soon after) April’s NFL Draft will be critical to his fate as a professional quarterback.