When inquired about Jon Rahm’s marquee dinner menu, Dustin Johnson gave an answer that was quintessentially characteristic of himself.

March 28, 2024

Dustin Johnson, like the rest of us mortals, eagerly anticipates the release of the Masters Champions Dinner menu. However, unlike us commoners who dream about winning and speculate over what our menus would entail through Instagram comments (a futile endeavor since we’ll never win), as a past green jacket recipient he actually has access to attend this prestigious event.

Regarding DJ and the other former champions, they will have the pleasure of indulging in Jon Rahm’s Spanish feast. In our humble opinion, it has already earned him a place in the Masters Champions Dinner menu Hall of Fame, without even having taken one bite yet. Those with picky taste buds need not bother attending.

There isn’t much to criticize about that. Johnson followed a more traditional American approach in 2021 (shoutout pigs in a blanket, also known as Irish caviar, aka the best app ever), and he has only positive thoughts about Rahm’s decisions even though he doesn’t fully comprehend them.

“On the conference call before LIV Miami, Johnson expressed his confidence in the menu saying: “Having seen it, I am certain that it will be superb.” Despite not being familiar with all of the items on offer, he did recognize one dish – [Ibericos] ham- from his time playing in Spain last year. Having enjoyed an abundance of this particular item during previous visits to Spain assures him that it too will be a culinary delight.”