At the age of 40, a accomplished cheerleader passed away shortly after delivering her baby girl.

March 28, 2024

Krystal ‘Krissy’ Anderson, a former cheerleader for the Kansas City Chiefs, passed away at 40 years old shortly after giving birth to her daughter.

Krystal’s unexpected passing was announced on the official Chiefs Cheerleading Instagram page. The news relayed that she had passed away after giving birth to her daughter, Charlotte Willow Anderson. Sadly, Krystal spiked a fever following the stillbirth of her baby and succumbed to sepsis – putting up a brave fight against this life-threatening condition, as shared by husband Clayton Anderson.

The Chiefs released a statement to inform Krystal’s fans of her tragic passing. The post expressed their deep sorrow over the loss of CC alumna, who had been cheering with them for more than 100 games between 2006 and 2011 as well as from 2013-2016. Additionally, Krissy represented the team at the Pro Bowl in 2015, served as captain during her tenure and was present at several events such as London game while visiting US troops across different locations including Iraq , Kuwait etc .

“We will always remember her for her kind spirit, joyful energy, and the sparkle she brought into our lives. Our hearts go out to her family and loved ones during this difficult time. Each moment we shared with her is precious to us. We plan on announcing how we intend to carry forward in celebrating her legacy.”

Krystal’s death was caused by sepsis, leading to organ failure as stated on a GoFundMe page dedicated in her memory. She had undergone three surgeries to combat the deadly ailment but its origin remained unknown. Krystal passed away early morning of March 20th at the hospital with close family members beside her.

The former cheerleader received numerous comments from devoted fans expressing love and admiration for her athletic prowess. Many shared cherished memories of her, with one individual describing her as a “G.E.M.” This person lamented the loss of such an exceptional human being, whose impact on their heart will endure forever. They closed by invoking Krissy’s legacy to inspire others to spread love and affection like she did, signing off with a heartfelt message: “Love you, Kiki.”

In addition to her role as a cheerleader, Krystal possessed numerous talents. She excelled as a yoga tutor, software developer and social worker who contributed towards philanthropic causes. While serving at Oracle Health in the capacity of an engineer, she concentrated on enhancing healthcare provisions and earned recognition for devising revolutionary software that evaluates postpartum haemorrhage risk factors.

The obituary for Krissy featured a heartfelt homage that expressed, “Krystal had an infectious spirit and brought merriment to all who crossed her path,” while also acknowledging her devotion to charitable organizations such as Big Brothers and Big Sisters of KC, Gabriella’s Little Library, and the First Hand Foundation. In addition, she fervently supported African American women in STEM fields along with promoting female health initiatives.”