Why F1 will leave Australia with more questions than answers.

March 21, 2024

At the beginning of the 2024 Formula 1 season, the hierarchy behind Red Bull has sparked curiosity; however, the upcoming Australian Grand Prix weekend may not provide any real answers.

The Australian Amazing Prix has the third round of the 2024 F1 season this end of the week, with the occasion arranged around Albert Park. Australia is likely to return to the curtain-raising slot next year, but Bahrain has been the season-opening stage since 2021. Previously, the Melbourne-based race had been the tradition.

After the Australian Grand Prix, which was frequently the first round, it was always difficult to assess the true F1 pecking order because the layout was more like a street circuit and there was more potential to extract in the subsequent rounds.

Even though two races have already been held in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia, where Red Bull and Max Verstappen dominated, with Ferrari taking the final podium spot, the situation is similar this year. Behind them, McLaren, Mercedes, and Aston Martin appear to be close friends who want to move up and compete for a spot in the top three. Teams do not anticipate that the form book in Melbourne will accurately reflect the top-tier hierarchy.

Andrea Stella, principal of the McLaren team, stated, “We know Australia is a very particular track and Tarmac.” “It’s a Tarmac that becomes extremely slippery as soon as there is a drop of rain on it.” There is no downpour estimate during the current end of the week’s race around Albert Park, however the special idea of the circuit remains.

Rather than reaching determinations after the forthcoming round, groups are presently hoping to cycle four around the Suzuka Circuit in Japan to give more clear responses regarding the exhibition of their vehicles. Senior Ferrari engineer Jock Clear stated, “In all honesty, the way the calendar is this year, I think we’ll have a pretty good idea” after four races. “You have Japan in there, which is an amazing circuit to quantify a vehicle.

You will learn a lot from that kind of circuit. Clear’s evaluation was reflected by Stella who likewise sees Japan as a critical occasion to analyze the hierarchy.

“I wouldn’t order Australia as ‘Goodness, that is an ordinary one’,” Stella added. “I believe it will be a smidgen of an activity of averaging across Bahrain, Saudi [Arabia], Australia, and Japan is another fascinating one. “It is a decent test, and for our purposes, it will be an exceptionally fascinating test to check where we are in Japan.

In 2023, when we were ranked second on the grid, Japan was a very competitive market for us.

Oscar Piastri out-qualified partner Lando Norris at the circuit last year, just for the Briton to switch the request in the fantastic prix, with Verstappen winning from shaft position.