Albon proposes F1 rule change over key issue.

March 21, 2024

Albon was one of various drivers bothered by Haas’ race strategies at the Saudi Bedouin Fabulous Prix.

Williams driver Alex Albon has proposed stricter measures for the individuals who gain a benefit by leaving the circuit during F1 races following Haas’ disputable point at the Saudi Bedouin Great Prix.

Albon was gotten into the wall at the entry to turn four by Kevin Magnussen before the Dane acquired a benefit by running wide fighting with Yuki Tsunoda to keep eleventh out and about at the Jeddah Corniche Circuit.

With two punishments applied to either his race time or his next refueling break, the last option of which never came, Magnussen was allowed to hold up the midfield pack and make a hole for partner Nico Hulkenberg to pit into and secure a main 10 completion – a strategy portrayed as “uncalled for” and ‘unsportsmanlike’ in the consequence by rivals.

Albon was one of various drivers to have passed up the opportunity a point as a result of the strategy and found out if he was annoyed about the circumstance, the Thai-Briton told media “I’m not unglued about the contact and not annoyed about [the slow pace] as I naturally suspect anybody would do likewise.

“In the event that you have a punishment and you must get one more vehicle to score a point and it’s your colleague, it will work out. “As far as I can tell is at tracks like Monaco, you have the chicane – the main spot you can really overwhelm – and you cut it each and every time somebody attempts to surpass you, to fabricate a hole would be extremely simple to do. “I don’t know there is a response since how might you tell somebody they are driving too delayed in a race?

“You can do it under the security vehicle, which is how individuals make space and let their partner pit or whatever, yet I think it is the thing will happen getting through the season. “Whenever you eliminate one driver and a point comes on the table… not to say we are frantic but rather we are licking our lips, attempting to get that point.”

The punishments for minor episodes, for example, Magnussen’s off course gain have been expanded from five to 10 seconds for the ongoing effort. Yet, proposing further seriousness is required, Albon recommended:

“A drive-through I think would function admirably. “I don’t have the foggiest idea how different drivers feel about it yet I particularly recall George [Russell’s] in Monza and five to 10 seconds is as yet not exactly a rebuffing circumstance, particularly on the off chance that you are a top group since you can without much of a stretch take out 10 seconds and assuming that you do it early enough in the race, considerably more so.

“Tire deg, around most tracks, can be a couple of seconds a lap so it just takes five laps to accomplish it. “So we should find out how it turns out yet it needs a survey, quite possibly a solid position on it – you need to give the situation back. “I realize there has sort of been a motivating force to surrender it to the groups and drivers to choose if they need to give the situation back, however in such an obvious scenerio.