Toto Wolff stirs pot in Christian Horner scandal with demand to F1 and Red Bull chiefs.

March 5, 2024

Toto Wolff blends pot in Christian Horner outrage with request to F1 and Red Bull bosses. Toto Wolff mixes pot in Christian Horner embarrassment with request to F1 and Red Bull bosses.

He said: “We should see where it goes in the following couple of days. I would a lot of trust that the overseeing body and the business privileges’ holder put the compass right.

Be that as it may, the second I keep on addressing how this has been taken care of, I’m presumably not turning out to be useful to the entire issue, since then it very well may be viewed as this simply being about a power battle inside F1.

That is the reason it ought not be in the groups’ (Red Bull’s) hands. It’s a lot greater subject than that and I would rather not lessen what is going on by causing it to seem like the Mercedes fellow is discussing the Red Bull folks.”

The Mercedes supervisor isn’t the main man looking for additional responses. Red Bull kept up with during the week that their examination was careful however McLaren President Zak Brown has approached F1 to guarantee that there has been full straightforwardness from the title holder outfit.

He said: “I think the endorsing body has an obligation and position to our game, to our authorities. I think about us in Recipe 1 are diplomats for the game on and out of control, similar to you see in different games, thus I think they need to ensure that things have been completely straightforward with them.