Browns signing former MVP QB will get approval from Deshaun Watson

March 5, 2024

The Cleveland Browns are in the market for an experienced backup quarterback, and Cam Newton is a potential target who could get the nod from Deshaun Watson.

Newton, 34, is a surprise target. Although he hasn’t played the past two seasons, he hasn’t officially retired and his relationship with Watson makes him an interesting candidate for a backup role.

Newton recently appeared on Watson’s podcast, and the two have had a decades-long relationship. Watson has also called Newton “big brother” in the past.

Newton also has experience working with the Browns’ new offensive coordinator, Ken Dorsey. He won the MVP award in 2015 when Dorsey was the quarterbacks coach for the Carolina Panthers.

Browns insider Mary Kay Cabot of recently opined that Newton is a potential target for the Browns. She didn’t completely overthrow him. “I thought about it myself because of the obvious connections.

Newton also named Watson as a QB he wouldn’t mind playing behind. “I haven’t heard anyone talk about it, but the Browns will look at all options at backup quarterback, and Newton will definitely get buy-in from Watson,” Cabot said. Told. “Maybe his name will come up when Kevin Stefanski and Ken Dorsey visit Watson in Los Angeles this week.

I think they are targeting an experienced QB, but always keeping an open mind.

Other proposed backup options for the Browns include Joe Flacco, Jacoby Brissett, and Marcus Mariota.

As he stated on his YouTube channel in April 2023, a year ago Newton still believed he could be a starting quarterback in the NFL. “That’s how I feel,” Newton said. “There are no 32 players better than me. But I also know that I can be the backup and I’m willing to be the backup. ”

However, Newton also denied rumors that he was not a reserve. At the top of the list of backup options are the Browns, with Newton citing his relationship with Watson.

“No. 1, I’m going to back up Deshaun Watson,” Newton said. “Obviously, between me and Deshaun Watson, he was on my 7-on-7 All-Star team. I started to respect this guy, this athlete. It’s been a tough time, but I believe it’s over.

Newton started five games for the Panthers during the 2021 season. He passed for 684 yards and four touchdowns. He added five more touchdowns on the ground.

There is mutual interest between the Browns and Flacco about potentially returning next season to replace Watson. However, this seems unlikely. Zach Jackson of The Athletic cited “momentum” as a reason for the Browns to look elsewhere.

On March 3, Jackson said “Given Flacco’s performance last season and the dynamic relationship with Watson (internally and externally), I don’t think Flacco will return.”

Flacco went 4-1 in his regular season starts. He passed for 1,616 yards and 13 touchdowns. The locker room and city rallied around Flacco as the Browns went 11-6 in the regular season and punched their ticket to the playoffs.

After performing well with the Browns, Flacco, 39, is eyeing a starting opportunity. He knows that won’t happen in Cleveland with Watson returning.