Meet cooper and Turner, the two sons of Minnesota Vikings’ quarterback Kirk Cousins and his wife Julie.

March 4, 2024

Kirk Cousins was recently spotted enjoying some family time with his loved ones. The talented quarterback of the Minnesota Vikings spent a delightful day on the beach along with his wife and kids, relishing precious moments together in the ocean waters while their little ones indulged in building sandcastles.

Kirk’s sons, Cooper Wesley and Turner Moses are often seen bonding happily with their father not just during events like Thanksgiving dinner or charity functions but also through regular fun activities.

Having his sons around is both a “joy” and a “challenge” for Cousins. With his contract ending this year, he will have ample time to reflect on himself and spend more quality time with his beloved children.

Cooper, the eldest child of Kirk Cousins and Julie, made his grand entrance into this world in September 2017. Currently aged around six and a half years old, not much is known about Cooper’s life as his family values their privacy deeply.

However, it’s interesting to note that he was born on a Friday night before an MNF game. Last year though they celebrated Cooper’s birthday with enthusiasm marking its significance through posts uploaded on Instagram by the Cousins family themselves!

Cooper turned 5 and was celebrated with a donut cake over the weekend, as mentioned in the picture caption. Despite being born on a Friday night before a Monday Night Football game, he remains unbothered when his father can only spend five minutes with him due to leaving for London. The message is clear – Cooper holds an important place in their hearts!

Turner, the family’s youngest sibling, was born on March 10th of 2019 and his upcoming birthday is just around the corner. In just one week he will be turning five years old!

As Turner is still in his formative stages at such a young age, not much can be said about him yet. However, it should also be noted that there is another member of this household – a beloved dog named Abe.

During the off-season, numerous sportsmen are utilizing their time by spending quality moments with their loved ones. As an example, Kirk Cousins relishes all aspects of being a father.

The entertaining adventures of Kirk Cousins.

The quarterback of the Minnesota Vikings is a very sociable parent as he enjoys taking his children to various activities, such as trips to the beach and rounds of golf.

Additionally, they often dine out together and sometimes attend Vikings games where Cooper even got an opportunity for a sideline interview with receiver Justin Jefferson.

The Cousins siblings, like most children, are huge Disney fans. In fact, there’s a delightful photo of them dressed up as Eeyore and Tigger! Papa Cousins occasionally reads bedtime stories to the youngsters as well.

Here’s hoping that they follow in their father’s footsteps and achieve tremendous success one day themselves.

Being a father brings me immense joy, but it also presents many challenges that require substantial energy. When I leave for work, my children continue to demand attention and care all day long. Through this experience, I am gaining insight into how my Heavenly Father must feel as He watches over me constantly.

I now have a new perspective on disciplining my son or denying him things that could be detrimental to his well-being — it gives me an idea of what our relationship with God might be like in similar situations. Overall, parenthood has painted a fascinating picture for me.” These were Cousins’ reflections about being a parent.