Just in:Steve Sarkisian, head coach of Texas longhorns, responds to the attention Xavier Worthy is receiving following his exceptional performance at the NFL Combine.

March 4, 2024

Impressive showings at the Scouting Combine have earned the Texas Longhorns widespread recognition. Head coach Steve Sarkisian has led his team to formidable game play and exceptional testing results, particularly notable for wide receiver Xavier Worthy who set a record-breaking mark of performance.

The array of impressive talent on display extends beyond Worthy as numerous other Longhorn players turned heads in front of scouting professionals with their outstanding abilities and bright prospects for future success.

Sarkisian has taken notice of their impressive skills showcased in a recent video, expressing gratitude for the display. This further establishes Texas as an area abundant with promising talent that warrants monitoring for forthcoming NFL victories.

When Texas stole the show, Steve Sarkisian’s response was…

Over the past three seasons, Xavier Worthy’s speed has been witnessed by Texas fans. However, on Saturday he exceeded all expectations and broke a previous record by running an official 4.21-second 40-yard dash.

Head coach Sarkisian and various others took to social media to celebrate this NFL-worthy achievement with him. Additionally, a recent video released by NFL Network praising Texas football’s accomplishments caught the attention of the coach.

According to NFL Network’s sports analyst, Chase Daniels, it wasn’t only Xavier Worthy who impressed during the game but rather the entire Texas football team.

Highlighting several players like Keilan Robinson, Adonai Mitchell and Ja’Tavion Sanders – Daniels referred to them as a “Texas clinic” with their outstanding performance in the match that left an impression on Longhorn Nation.

Xavier Worthy’s performance was lauded by him as well, who exclaimed that it was “insane”. He also noted how impressive his speed of 4.21 seconds at the combine was – making him the fastest man ever recorded there.

Moreover, he mentioned how Worthy had initially run a 4.25-second time which would have been in fifth place historically for such occasions. Finally, Steve Sarkisian and Texas football team shared a video illustrating this incredible feat along with a caption saying: “Stole The Show.”

The NFL scouting combine showcases exceptional talent from Texas.

Xavier Worthy smashed the record for a 40-yard dash and Adoni Mitchell stunned with his impressive time of 4.34 seconds, ranking him third amongst other receivers; he is expected to be considered as an initial-round pick too.

The Longhorns boast of exceptional talent on their team, including Keilan Robinson who secured fourth place in both the broad jump (measuring at 10-foot-4) and finished off his explosive run within just 4.42 seconds during the race over a distance of forty yards!

Additionally, Ja’Tavian Sanders proved himself by completing this challenge in only 4.69 seconds showcasing some extraordinary speed while running as well!

These Texas players will probably see a surge in their draft prospects due to their impressive performances. However, it’s not just these particular individuals who have demonstrated success for the Longhorns.

At the Combine, Ryan Watts, T’Vonde Sweat and Byron Murphy II all exhibited notable prowess and were highly visible on a national scale – something that definitely evokes pride from Coach Steve Sarkisian as he watches his team members excel under such scrutiny.

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