News Now:The center position for the Steelers is secure with a backup plan in place.

March 2, 2024

There is a single perspective of the Pittsburgh Steelers concerning the center position.

The Pittsburgh Steelers are actively seeking a replacement for Mason Cole and will consider any means to acquire their next starter.

During the NFL Combine, General Manager Omar Khan declared that the Steelers will explore various options including NFL Draft picks, free agency acquisitions and trading possibilities to secure a starting center for the team in this forthcoming season.

However, if they fail to achieve their target, they have developed an alternative strategy which has bolstered their confidence.

“We currently have Nate Herbig,” stated Khan. “I emphasize on the importance of offensive linemen who possess position flexibility, including those with center capabilities.

However, we remain open to exploring options in free agency, trade market and draft process since there are talented players available across all three categories.

Our team is confident about the caliber of centers available through the upcoming draft and among current free agents.”

Herbig won’t automatically be given the starting position in 2024. The Steelers will explore all possibilities and seek to acquire another competent starter for Herbig to compete with, as they’ve already started considering their options.

According to insiders, the Steelers are considering signing Brian Allen, a former starting player for the Los Angeles Rams. With 32 games of NFL experience under his belt at just 28 years old, he is deemed as an intriguing option by the team.

According to Khan, we currently have players in the league who can play various positions and still perform as starters. However, our team’s goal is always to improve further.

Despite feeling confident about Nate Herbig as our starting center this year, we decided to cut last year’s starter. If a chance arises for us to bring in strong competitors which will better our team dynamics even more so-we won’t hesitate taking it!

Following their assessment of top centers at the NFL Combine, the Steelers will initiate deliberations on free agents. While it is highly likely that an addition to their roster will be made, should they fail to secure a first-string player, Herbig emerges as their alternative preference.