The reason why Tiger Woods decided to retire is not due to an injury.

February 28, 2024

All tournaments that Tiger Woods enters are targeted for him to win.

In the event that someday, the legendary 47-year-old recognizes his incapability of contending for championship, he shall opt to retire.

Tiger Woods expressed his love for competition, stating that he would continue to compete until the day when winning was no longer possible. He made this announcement at the Hero World Challenge in 2023 after taking an eight-month break from golf due to injury and also stated that retiring would be inevitable once such a time came.

The ex-world number one stressed their aim to contend for the championship at Albany Stadium by saying, “Absolutely, I’m present (Hero World Challenge 2023) with that objective in mind.”

The Hero World Challenge 2023 roster generated significant interest, not because of the nineteen distinguished golfers on it, but due to the conspicuous absence in one slot.

Confirming his return to the Albany course in the Bahamas, Tiger Woods has sparked excitement among golf enthusiasts worldwide, almost two weeks after the tournament was announced.

Throughout his career, Tiger Woods faced numerous injuries. Despite owning 15 majors, he has not played golf since The Masters tournament at Augusta National in April due to a recurrence of right plantar fasciitis that forced him to withdraw during the third round. Following this setback, the legendary golfer underwent surgery for an ankle injury sustained after being involved in a severe traffic accident earlier this year which had almost claimed his life despite aged only 47-years-old.

Surrounded by reporters, Woods revealed that his enthusiasm for playing has waned and shared, “I’m eager to compete. Like all of you, I’m curious about what will happen because it’s been a while since I’ve played.”

Woods disclosed that his ankle injury no longer causes him the same level of pain he felt during Augusta National. While other parts of his body, such as knees and back, ache due to a heavy load, Woods confirmed that the surgery was successful since there are no issues with his ankle. The accomplished golfer has earned 15 majors throughout their career.In November last year, Woods accompanied his son Charlie as a caddy for 54 holes at the Notah Begay III Junior Golf National Championship. Despite continuing to limp, Woods’ injured right leg powered through all four rounds with success in “completing its mission” of enabling him to fully swing the club.

After four days of caddying, I was quite sore; however, my ankle has fully recovered and I am pain-free. These words were spoken by the golfer who holds a record-breaking 82 PGA Tour Cups.

Today, Woods finished the inaugural round of the Hero World Challenge in 2023. Despite confessing to feeling “aches all over”, he did not show any signs of a limp while walking. Super Tiger recorded a score of -1 up until his first 14 holes, but encountered difficulty at hole number 15- a par-5 where he scored double bogey; thereafter recording two consecutive bogeys on holes number16 and17 respectively.

Consequently, Woods completed the first round with a score of 75 strokes (+3) which put him eight strokes behind the top scorer and he fared better than just two out of 20 golfers competing in Albany’s tournament.