Many experts believe that the Buffalo Bills will choose a wide receiver in the first round of the NFL draft.

February 28, 2024

This is evident from several mock drafts conducted by different analysts across various platforms.

Peter King, the renowned NFL columnist with over four decades of coverage under his belt, declared his retirement on Monday in a highly popular column named Football Morning in America.

The reading was consistently captivating and its absence will be profoundly felt. King’s tireless dedication to writing about the league yielded unparalleled results; his FMIA column always impressed me with the extensive access he had to teams and players, as well as his sincere passion for documenting those experiences in honest detail.

He definitely did not slack off on the finale, maintaining its informative and provocative nature.

I couldn’t help but laugh at his amusing take on things he’s glad to be done with in covering the league – particularly mock drafts! Overall, it was a highly enjoyable experience.

King’s opinion on mock drafts is that they are mere busywork and a waste of time, not to mention detrimental to the football world. He believes that only producing one mock draft close or during the week of the actual event based on trustworthy sources is acceptable, if not beneficial.

In contrast, conducting mock drafts in February proves laughable since there isn’t enough information yet available. Even worse are those conducted in October because at this point it’s impossible to know which teams will be picking when making them an utter misuse of everyone’s time.

He is undeniably accurate in this regard. He did not demean those who engage in the activity, as many of them possess a vast wealth of knowledge and perform admirably with their preliminary evaluations.

Rather, King’s point was that engaging in mock drafts during this early stage – prior to even commencing drills at the Scouting Combine or teams negotiating free agency needs – amounts to complete folly. It akin to throwing darts amidst severe wind gusts.

The NFL Draft has evolved into a lucrative field and projected drafts attract visitors to online platforms.

I am aware that countless people find the theories of draft specialists regarding the Buffalo Bills’ first round picks quite engrossing, even in advance of late April.

Therefore, listed below are some speculations on how Brandon Beane might utilize the 28th overall selection.


According to Zierlein, the Buffalo Bills may need more youthful safeties and assistance with their pass-rush.

However, since Gabe Davis is expected to receive a significant salary as an upcoming unrestricted free agent, it might be worthwhile for the team to maintain depth in their receiving corps by acquiring Thomas.

Sal thinks that Thomas was also favored by a few others. He admires his size, which the Buffalo WR corps lacks, and notes how well he moves despite being big.

According to PFF statistics from last season, Thomas made 15 catches of over 20 yards (deep) – this was third-most in college football; additionally, his deep yardage totaled at an impressive second-place with 670 yards. Sal believes that adding someone like him to the Buffalo offence would be beneficial indeed!


According to Trapasso, Franklin may have a slender build but he possesses remarkable speed when sprinting and has the ability to develop into an exceptional route-runner at the professional level.

Sal thinks that he’s similar to Brian Thomas in being a great home run hitter, demonstrated by his 14 deep catches ranking at tied sixth nationally. However, the lack of variety in routes operated while playing for Oregon needs improvement. According to PFF stats, his performance against zone was average and much better when faced with man coverage. Despite these factors, Sal approves of him being selected as a pick.


Middlehurst-Schwartz explained that due to the Bills’ limited salary cap, finding a replacement for free agent Gabe Davis in the competitive receiver market would be difficult. Therefore, their best bet is to look for early draft options as they may help Josh Allen with much-needed support. Coleman’s large size might make him an ideal target for Allen on deep throws.

Sal reflects, “Thomas shares similar traits with [him], particularly when it comes to size and speed. Without a doubt, he’s exceptional at catching contested passes; however, improving his ability to separate from elite NFL corners is key.”


According to Jeremiah, while the production may not be impressive, there are certain qualities present.

As Leonard Floyd and A.J. Epenesa’s contracts are due to expire soon, Buffalo Bills could experience some setbacks in terms of edge losses; therefore Greg Rousseau might have a new pass-rushing companion in Robinson.

Wilson explained, “Despite the desire of some Bills fans for a wide receiver pick, I’ve already chosen several in earlier rounds. In order to enhance your team’s performance, I have decided on selecting Chop.”

Sal thinks that the Bills are in dire need of an edge rusher. Currently, Rousseau appears to excel more as a run defender than a pass rusher and thus requires increased productivity from someone else on the team.

Despite Von Miller’s availability for acquisition seeming unlikely, it is imperative to obtain an edgy presence which makes Robinson appear advantageous despite being potentially difficult to acquire at this time.