Recognized by Simone Biles, 24-Year-Old Gymnast Earns Deserved Recognition for Mastering Women’s Tumbling Techniques..

July 11, 2024

24-year-old Glenn Titus is finally getting his deserved recognition for his skills. Titus has been following Simone Biles for a long time. Watching his favorite gymnast do wonders on the mat and parallel bar made Titus inclined to gymnastics. Unfortunately, he did not have the proper setup to start his journey. Well, where there is a will, there’s definitely a way. And Titus just went on with his instincts to perfect Biles’ balance beam routine. Titus created a channel on YouTube to showcase his talents. In his very first video, the Simone Biles fanboy mentioned about not having a bar. He used a bench in the park to practice the moves. And this is exactly where things get interesting. Despite the lack of training and not having the proper arsenal, Titus pulled off his idol’s maneuvers quite accurately. While there’s definitely room for a lot of improvement, Titus’ performance garnered praise from Simone Biles herself.In his uploaded video Titus explained how pulling off a wolf turn seemed so difficult for him. Well, as a matter of fact, the routine of Simone Biles that Titus attempted has a difficulty score of 6.7! Reflecting the never-give-up mentality of his idol Biles, Titus stated in his video, “Throwing my full difficulty because I’m capable.” Surely, everybody who saw the video did not have any doubts about his capability. The video soon got viral and people from all over the world started to usher him with love. In what was a significant breakthrough for Titus, ‘goldoveramericatour’ shared his clip on their Instagram channel, with the caption, “Motivated by @glennflips today. Keep going. Keep growing and let that gold shine! #motivationalmonday #motivation #letyourgoldshine.” Meanwhile, Titus is not only concerned about himself, but also aims to help fellow gymnasts. Glenn Titus wants to set up his legacy taking inspiration from BilesGlenn Titus did not have a proper beam to practice on. But he does not want aspiring gymnasts to face a similar stumbling block. Thus, in order to help them achieve their goals, Titus has set up a GoFundMe account and is trying to gather GF beams. His brand, GlennFlips started with the initial purpose of helping young gymnasts with every possible necessity. As of now, Titus’ main goal is to accumulate a total fund of $32 thousand. With the money, Titus will be investing on 300 GF beams for the youngsters to practice on. Although he is unsure about the width and the size of the beams, Titus hopes to get the required help from his followers. Thus, drawing inspiration from Simone Biles, Glenn Titus’ noble work is making him an inspiration himself.