INTERESTING:Financially Struggled As a Kid, Simone Biles Gets $100,000 Gift From Husband Jonathan Owens After Clinching Paris Olympics Sport

July 6, 2024

 Financially Struggled As a Kid, Simone Biles Gets $100,000 Gift From Husband Jonathan Owens After Clinching Paris Olympics Spot

From humble beginnings to a staggering net worth of around $16 million, Simone Bileshas truly flipped her life upside down—literally and figuratively. But before the glitz and glam, her journey wasn’t paved with gold. Growing up, Biles faced instability and financial hardships, and there were times when she even went hungry. Did you know she dislikes cats for this very reason?“I remember there was this cat around the house and I would be so hungry,” recalled in an appearance on the Call Her Daddypodcast. “They would feed this cat and I would be like, ‘Where the heck is my food?’ And so I think that’s [why] I don’t like cats because this freaking street cat… she (Shanon, Biles’ biological mother) always fed it. But she never fed us.” These experiences left her with a natural fear of financial insecurity that persists to this day. However, on the rather rare occasions where Simone Biles displays her wealth, she does so with a personal touch.Remember her $300,000 engagement ring, her “OWENS”-themed necklaces and rings, and even her matching wedding grillz with her husband Jonathan Owens at their wedding? After securing her spot in the Paris Olympics with an all-around score of 117.225 (the highest in the trials), she shared a heartwarming moment on her Instagram story. Simone Biles posted a picture featuring a dazzling Audemars Piguet Royal Oak watch encrusted with diamonds.The price of luxury watches like the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak can vary greatly depending on the retailer and any deals they offer. Typically, the pricing for this watch ranges from five to six figures. On many retail websites, a diamond-encrusted Audemars Piguet ranges from $18,000 to $1.4 million. The best part? This extravagant gift came from her biggest cheerleader—her loving husband, Jonathan Owens. Captioning the story, “baby,” it was clear that Simone was over the moon about this special present. But what’s even more wholesome is that Owens remembered a wish Biles made weeks ago.Back in June, Simone posted an Instagram story about a Mini Royal Oak watch in three colors: rose gold, silver, and frosted white gold. In her caption, she wrote, “If any jeweler has one of these in stock for purchase, specifically the frosted white gold,” and asked them to message her directly. The watch she was eyeing was the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Mini Frosted Gold Quartz Dial, usually priced at $68,799.Jonathan, being the loving husband he is, went above and beyond by getting her not just the frosted one but the diamond-encrusted 18-carat white gold version with brilliant-cut diamonds, worth around $100,000. As extravagant and thoughtful as his gift was, it wasn’t the only way Owens showed his love, support, and admiration for his wife.The Chicago Bears safety has been a constant presence at competitions that Simone Biles has participated in this year. Needless to say, he was at the Olympic Trials in Minneapolis. After his wife wiped the floor with her performance and made her third Olympic team, Owens wrote on Instagram, “No words can describe how proud of you i am, baby… i can’t wait to be able to watch you out there in Paris… Just sounds so surreal being able to say my wife is the best to EVER do it. How did i get so lucky 😌 I love you so much.” Did he say he’d be there to support her in Paris? And why is it surprising?Well, that’s exactly what he said. As an NFL player, Owens must be present at his team’s preseason camp, especially considering he joined a new team this season. With the Chicago Bears’ camp scheduled to start on July 23 and players to report on July 19, the gymnastics events (July 28 to August 10) will happen during the camp. But Biles confirmed her husband will be there! After the trials, she told USA Today“The Bears are actually granting him a couple of days off from training camp. So, he’ll be there, yes. For just a short, little time.” Further confirming his presence in the French capital, Owens shared a post with Biles’ comment on his Instagram story and appreciated his team while showering even more love on his wife: “First class organization, wouldn’t want to miss it for the world.” Reflecting on these heartfelt and extravagant tokens of love shared between Jonathan Owens and Simone Biles, let’s explore how, despite their splurges, the gymnast keeps their finances in check.Simone Biles ensures her and Jonathan Owens’ spending stays in checkGrowing up in foster care, Simone and her siblings are no strangers to financial struggles. These early hardships have instilled in her a cautious approach to money, often expressing that she won’t spend unless she’s earned it, driven by her fear of going broke. The married couple, despite possessing all the wealth in the world, don’t merely splurge to keep up appearances.With judicious spending being the name of the game, Biles was seen wearing a $120 gown and $35 shoes in 2023 during her wedding to Owens. Having acquired her gorgeous gown from an online boutique called Selfie Leslie, the gymnast looked stunning as always. And Owens looked equally dapper in his fit. With both of them dressed minimalistic, they sure turned heads with their flamboyant sense of style. A fan even asked where she got her ensemble from. Biles replied, “everything was ordered this week.”