Angel Reese speaks out, defending Coach Mulkey amidst criticism

July 4, 2024

Angel Reese speaks out, defending Coach Mulkey amidst criticism

Kim Mulkey is a truly polarizing figure in the world of women’s college basketball. On one hand, she’s undeniably successful, with an impressive four NCAA championships under her belt, the most recent of which was in 2023. However, her outspoken nature and bold fashion choices often draw a lot of negative attention.

Despite the criticism, Mulkey remains unfazed by how she is perceived by fans and the media. This attitude seems to have rubbed off on her star player, Angel Reese. The LSU Lady Tigers head coach and Reese have a strong bond, and it’s clear that Reese has absorbed some of Mulkey’s resilience.

In fact, Reese recently took to social media to address the negativity she has faced due to her association with Mulkey. In a post on May 8, she expressed her frustration, saying, “Hating Angel because you didn’t like her coach is mental illness. Don’t be coming with the dry support now. Keep that same energy.” It’s evident that Reese is not willing to tolerate unfair criticism based on her coach’s reputation.

Angel Reese’s bond with controversial coach

Despite the challenges, Reese maintained a positive relationship with Mulkey during her two years at LSU. However, now that Reese has transitioned to the WNBA, there may be a sense of relief in leaving behind the constant scrutiny and negativity associated with her former coach. As Reese moves forward in her career, it’s clear that she is determined to carve out her own identity and not be defined solely by her connection to Mulkey.

The dynamic between Mulkey and Reesehighlights the complexities of their shared experiences. While Mulkey’s polarizing presence has undoubtedly impacted Reese, it’s also clear that their bond has been a source of strength for both of them. As Reese continues to navigate her basketball career at the professional level, she will undoubtedly continue to draw on the lessons and resilience instilled in her during her time playing under Mulkey at LSU.

In conclusion, while Mulkey’s influence on Reese has been significant, it’s evident that Reese is determined to forge her own path and rise above the negativity that has often surrounded her coach. As she embarks on this new chapter in her career, Reese’s strength and resilience will continue to shine through, proving that she is much more than just a reflection of her coach.