Simone Biles Broke High Jump World Record Jumping Over NBA’s Tallest Victor Wembanyama..

July 3, 2024

Simone Biles’ prowess in touching heights has no limit. In her 11-year tenure being the elite gymnast, the 27-year-old has earned four Olympic golds and numerous global titles. If that falls short of judging her reach, then Simone Biles is on her way to adding another feather to her crown. In the Paris Olympics, she will be the oldest female US gymnast to participate in the last 72 years. Now, when she is on the brink of reaching such a high, ironically in her gymnastics schedules as well, she pulled off an unthinkable show of defying gravity. As per the data, in the recently concluded Olympic trials, Simone Biles jumped a humongous 12 feet of height. And that level can take a serious fight with some factors from other sports. The mammoth 12-foot jump occurred when Simone Biles was performing her floor exercise routine in the trials. The jump, a treat to watch, was followed by her third rotation in the air using her unique skill. She landed flawlessly, without any stumble or unsteady legs. This exercise earned her the best score of the evening, but the height demonstrated that Simone Biles could jump over the tallest NBA player, Victor Wembanyama, without breaking a sweat. Notably, “Wemby the Alien” stands 7’4″ tall, while Simone Biles achieved this impressive height despite being only 4’8″. The surprise doesn’t end there, as Simone’s jump could challenge the best high jump ever performed.According to data from World Athletics, the current women’s high jump world record stands at 2.09 meters, achieved by Stefka Kostadinova in 1987. However, that record seems dwarfed compared to Simone’s jump of 12 feet (3.65 meters). Additionally, the World Indoor Championship record of 2.05 meters in the same division might feel similarly overshadowed when compared to Simone’s massive jump. Could this open a gate for the legendary gymnast in the high jump sport? Well, Simone could likely make the transition without a hassle.The world-leading high jump this season, at 2.04 meters, also falls short in comparison to Simone Biles’ otherworldly performance. If she considers earning an Olympic qualification in the high jump with such a measurement, it seems possible empirically. However, would that be feasible according to the rules of the high jump?The techniques may be variant in each caseNo, Simone Biles might not clear the benchmarks. This could be one of the rare moments when the legend might face a failure in a sport despite literally breaking the world record. There are two main factors separating the high jump and the somersault in gymnastics. The high jump’s steadfast rules clearly prohibit jumping with two feet on the ground and using a springboard. Both of these techniques are quite common in gymnastics.Somersaults in gymnastics result from jumping with both feet, as the momentum comes from applying force on the mat with both feet. This force propels the gymnast into the air with significant effect. In contrast, in the high jump, the resultant force is not as high because the athlete pushes off from the ground with one foot, leading to a lower push-off.Another factor is the presence of the mat. In gymnastics, the mats are far more flexible. In contrast, the high jump field is much stiffer compared to the spongy mat. Consequently, the reactive force is less potent in the high jump compared to that on the gymnastics mat. Considering these points, Simone Biles’s jumps during her floor exercise will not be considered by the authorities. However, change is always possible, and Simone Biles is known for achieving memorable feats.