Senior pro has all-time exchange with a random guy in a sneaker shop ahead of the U.S. Senior Open

June 27, 2024

There’s a strong argument to be made that around 98 percent of PGA Tour players could walk down the street and be completely unrecognizable. On the PGA Tour Champions, that number might be closer to 100 percent.

That’s no disrespect to Mark Calcavecchia, or any PGA Tour Champions player, for that matter. But they had their time in the sun. Now they are just regular old dudes who happen to still be very good at golf, and they can go totally unnoticed even in the towns their tournaments are played in, just like Calcavecchia did this week at the U.S. Senior Open in Newport, R.I. 

Never heard of Calc? Never heard of Lehman?! That’s two Open Champions we’re talking about, my dude. A four-time Ryder Cupper in Calc, a three time Ryder Cupper in Lehman, who was also a captain of the Ryder Cup team in 2006. 18 PGA Tour wins and 16 PGA Tour Champions wins between them. Where’s the respect. 

In fairness, Calc didn’t say how old the guy was, but the PGA Tour Champions crowd obviously skews a little older. Maybe he’s a new golfer, maybe he didn’t watch back then. Either way, hilarious for Calcavecchia to mess with him and say he’s going to watch himself while this guy has no clue. The only thing that will make this story better is if this guy goes to follow Mark Calcavecchia on Thursday at 1:01 p.m. and realizes it’s the guy from the sneaker shop.