Italy’s Camila Giorgi faced an awkward accusation about her COVID-19 vaccinations just days before the Australian Open.

June 27, 2024

Camila Giorgi says her former doctor needs to explain how she became embroiled in a scandal about fake vaccinations in Italy. (Vince Caligiuri/Tennis Australia via AP)

Camila Giorgi has brushed off questions about her vaccination status, after the Italian World No.70’s former doctor accused her of requesting a fake certificate. Giorgi is reportedly under investigation by police in Italy with her personal doctor Daniela Grillone accused of giving out hundreds of fake COVID-19 vaccinations.

Grillone was charged by Italian police last February, but it was only a week before the Australian Open that Giorgi’s name was associated with the investigation. Following her first round win over Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova, the 31-year-old answered several questions about the vaccine debacle.

The extent of questioning regarding the issue left her father Sergio, who was furious that she had not been asked a single question about the match she’d just played. Instead, she was asked to explain whether or not she had actually received the vaccination.

Giorgi said she was confident in her actions, and said any problems regarding her vaccination status were a problem for the aforementioned doctor. “Of course, the doctor has been investigated, and she had troubles in this year with the law a few times,” she said.

“So I did — I just did all my vaccination in different places. So the trouble is hers. Not me. So with that, I’m very calm. Of course, if not, I couldn’t come here and play this tennis, I think.”

Asked if she was worried she may have entered the country for last year’s Australian Open relying on dodgy documentation, Giorgi said that she and her team had complied with requirements to the best of her knowledge. The 2022 tournament was overshadowed by Novak Djokovic’s deportation after entering Australia carrying an invalid exemption from being vaccinated.

Giorgi said the doctor had administered her initial COVID-19 vaccination, before she got subsequent doses from others. She also claimed she was among some 300 patients to be caught up in the investigation.

“It’s what I’m saying, I did just once vaccination with her, and the other ones I did with other doctors. So I’m fine, and she’s in trouble with the law in Italy. So after it’s she’s going to see,” Giorgi said.

“Because I did vaccination with different places, and this need to be very clear because it’s a big thing they say all around, and it’s not my problem. It’s her problem.”

In a bombshell interview prior to the Australian Open, Grillone claimed Girogi asked her about obtaining a false vaccination certificate. The doctor also said none of Giorgi or her family members received the jab.

“The Giorgi family has been under treatment with me for a long time. Camila Giorgi suffered from the so-called tennis elbow,” she told Italian publication Corriere del Veneto.

“Shortly before the beginning of summer, she had come asking for the possibility of obtaining false proof of all the mandatory vaccines, as well as the Covid vaccine. I can confirm with absolute certainty that none of the vaccines against the Giorgi family have actually been administered.

Camila Giorgi cruised into the second round of the Australian Open thanks to a straight sets win over Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova. (Photo by MANAN VATSYAYANA/AFP via Getty Images)

“I have not received any payment in that case. I am deeply upset and sorry for my action.”

The 31-year-old Giorgi, currently ranked 70th in the world, also played at the US Open last year where overseas visitors are still required to show proof of vaccination. She reached the third round at the Australian Open last year before losing to Ash Barty.

A WTA spokesperson told News Corp that the governing body is aware of the allegations against Giorgi and monitoring the investigation in Italy. “We are aware of the allegations and are currently monitoring the situation and any investigations that may be brought forward,” they said.

According to the Department of Home Affairs, a person can have their visa cancelled for providing false documents.