Tiger Woods to Finally Take Jack Nicklaus’s Brutally Honest Career Advice? His Alarming Plans Get Revealed by..

June 24, 2024

It seems the time has come. Or at least it’s dreadfully close. After surviving the wrath of multiple injury-induced struggles in his professional career, the all-powerful Tiger Woods’s next stop seems to be the Senior Tour or so can be implied from Padraig Harrington’s recent revelation.Addressing his recent interaction with the 48-year-old, Padraig Harrington recently revealed as per Golf Week, “He’d love to win that Grand Slam and get some of the other senior majors on his CV. I saw him at the course (during the PNC Championship), and we were just crossing paths, and he laughed at me. I won’t say exactly what he said, but the gist of it was that he couldn’t wait to get out and beat me.”After all, the PGA Tour Champions’ wishes of having Tiger Woods compete in their events are only two years away when he will finally become eligible to partake in the U.S. Senior Open at Scioto Country Club in Columbus, Ohio. It’s highly likely that Woods will do all it takes when he finally gets the chance to swing his way through the Senior Tour’s most important event. A win at Scotio will give him a chance to break a tie of nine USGA national championships with Bobby Jones.It seems that the 15x major winner has finally taken Jack Nickalaus’s piece of advice. While the Golder Bear opines that Woods does not have it in himself to break his record of 18 major championship wins due to his struggle with injuries, he surely has a shot to usher in a new Tiger era at the Senior Tour. Nicklaus had once said, “I think Tiger will play the senior tour. He’d be able to get in a cart, and he’ll absolutely kill everybody.”If Harrington’s words are to be believed, it seems this new Tiger era is not so far-fetched anymore.