Tiger Woods Stabbed by ‘Stop Competing’ Remarks by Fans as Son Charlie’s Update Surfaces After U.S Open Nightmare..

June 18, 2024

Tiger Woods is back at the driving range with his trusted ‘swing coach.’ Not Butch Harmon, but Charlie Woods, his 15-year-old son. Lately, the 15-time major champion has put a lot of trust in his son for some input about his swing. At the U.S. Open, the father-son duo was spotted practicing on the range, with Charlie offering some tips to his 48-year-old father. Charlie Woods has previously said they live in their own little world. Whereas, talking about his son, the 82-time PGA Tour winner said from Pinehurst, “I trust him with my swing and my game. He’s seen it more than anybody else in the world. He’s seen me hit more golf balls than anyone. I tell him what to look for, especially with putting.” Although it didn’t produce the intended result–Woods missed the cut—they are back on the range at Florida. In a picture posted by TWLegion on their official X (formerly Twitter) handle, Woods can be seen standing by his, as the 15-year-old hits balls.But their ‘own little world’ has obviously got expanded. The teenager’s every move has been put under scanner on social media. When the recent snippets from the practice session went viral, fans made some interesting remarks. From concerns about teenager’s school lives to Woods’s future, netizens offered their verdicts. Tiger Woods has previously said that he would play only in the Open Championship this season. The veteran said the risk is it might take too much time for him to recover from a four-day grind on the course. At the same time, since he doesn’t get to play much often, his form in the majors has hit the skid. It’s a paradoxical situation, and some believe this way fans will never see the Tiger Woods they want to see. One tweeted, “Unless he plays more tournaments just getting some balls in range isn’t going to help his issues much.” However, some Tiger Woods fans believe it’s only a matter of time before the 15-time major champion is back to his old self. They found optimism despite his poor show in the majors. “He will figure this out. Just watch,” one of them claimed. Not everyone is convinced. They pointed out that Charlie Woods seemed to be the one working on his game. Comments like “This isn’t grind. It’s jus Chilling wit d (the) kid” and “Please stop competing. It’s truly unwatchable,” showed the sentiment on the Internet. Another user sarcastically wrote, “Is the grind also just a ceremony now?On the other hand, some fans were concerned about Charlie Woods’s education. The 15-time major champion during the 2022 PNC Championship said, that midterms ‘are more important than golf.’ Some fans feel, even now, that Woods Jr. should step back from the course and focus on their studies. “Charlie needs to stay in school. He is spending way too much time on the golf course lately!”Tiger Woods emphasized that he still possesses the strength to lift another silverware. “Granted, my ball-striking and felt like my putting was good enough to be in contention, and I’m not,” the 48-year-old said after missing the cut at the U.S. Open. Tiger Woods will tee off at Royal Troon on July 18.