That Sh*t Hurted”: Simone Biles Breaks Silence on Painful Accident Before Marrying Husband Jonathan Owens, Days Before XFinity US National Gymnastics Championship

June 14, 2024

That Sh*t Hurted”: Simone Biles Breaks Silence on Painful Accident Before Marrying Husband Jonathan Owens, Days Before XFinity US National Gymnastics Championship

Simone Biles took the Xfinity U.S. Championships in San Jose by storm. The 26-year-old gymnast marked her second competition after a two-year hiatus. However, a standout moment emerged on the championship’s first day as a rising gymnast, Shilese Jones, held her ground against the 4X Olympic gold medalist. Jones tied neck-and-neck with Biles in a round, showcasing her remarkable skills.

As day one concluded, the leaderboard displayed Biles at the top spot and Jones at second with a score of 56.550. But that wasn’t the only noteworthy event this week. Biles also opened up about a painful incident she endured before marrying her NFL husband, Jonathan Owens. The revelation left many wondering about the details behind this incident.

Simone Biles revealed her wedding-week gymnastics mishap on TikTok

Just days before the Xfinity US National Gymnastics Championships’ day 2, Simone Biles shared a candid training day on TikTok. The 7-time Olympic medalist playfully captioned the video, “this was the week of my wedding… that sh*t hurted lol 😂 #gymnasticsfail #fyp #throwback #usa #athlete #fail”. The TikTok showcased the gymnastics GOAT diligently practicing her routine on the parallel bars.

The 15-second clip captured Biles flawlessly executing the routine, only to stumble and fall from the shorter bar at the end, an incident that looked quite intense. In a lighthearted tone, Biles added the famous TikTok sound, “I’m not falling, you’re falling” by Owen Cave. Within just a couple of days, the video garnered 152 comments, 71.9K likes, 1758 saves, and 178 shares.

Fortunately, Biles emerged unscathed, ready for her wedding with Green Bay Packers safety Jonathan Owens just weeks after the incident. Speaking of Owens, he couldn’t attend day one but creatively cheered Simone Biles on in the best way possible.

Owens supports Biles from afar missing her historic moment

In the midst of the NFL season buzz, Jonathan Owens missed witnessing his wife’s groundbreaking moment live. Utilizing Instagram stories, the NFL player creatively exhibited his steadfast support for Simone Biles, sharing videos of her current performance on his television screen. Impressively, while watching her captivating beam routine, Owens affectionately exclaimed, “See you girl”. As an unwavering source of encouragement for the accomplished four-time Olympic gold medalist, he consistently stands by her side.

Jonathan Owens continues to be a rock of support for Simone Biles. Despite his physical absence, Biles received a touching surprise from her entire family, including the adorable Ronni Biles. With the championship’s second day drawing near, it’s clear that Simone Biles found solace in unwinding by watching her own past videos.

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