Simone Biles Opens Up About ‘A Sad’ Reality Amidst Celebrations for Her Sister’s Special Day

June 13, 2024

Simone Biles unfurls her celebration color, barring the engagements she holds in her professional life. January 27 was one such occasion when she unshackled herself. In the past, the gymnastics phenomenon often showed up at NFL matches to support her husband, Jonathan Owens, the Green Bay Packers’ safety. But all this while, the 26-year-old rarely let slip the insights regarding the changes in her life in the Olympic year. So after sister Adria’s birthday celebration, Simone Biles shared a snippet, describing the change. 

Somehow those changes would give out a feeling as normal in a highest level-athlete’s life. But, for Simone Biles, to soak into those changes might claim praise. 

Simone Biles shows the ‘other side’

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Usually, Simone Biles’ Instagram feed gives out the nooks and crannies of her glittery life, in multiple shades. But on January 28, the 7X Olympic medalist shared a story framing the comparison between the Sundays of her life. Using graphics from Amanda Roe Heiser, the midsize-style icon, Simone gave a staunch expression. She described the “SUNDAY FUNDAY THEN” in the celebration hues, measuring in dresses and drinks. But she conveyed “SUNDAY FUNDAY NOW” through the flip-flop sandals, protein drink, washer, and domestic bag. This shift comes as “A sad story” as Simone captioned the post. But in the garb, it gave out the hard changes she is going through nowadays.

On several occasions, Simone Biles gave an insight into her life where she vociferously spoke about how the geographical distance between her and Jonathan Owens had depleted the situation for her. In his absence, the home front is completely on Simone.

One can not forget how Simone Biles took to social media to share the tantrums thrown by her fur babies when Jonathan was away and she had to manage all by herself. A fair share of her attention is also diverted to her new home, which is under construction. If these were not enough, amid all these, she has to keep her eyes set on Paris. Despite that, she has tried to bring back those fun moments.

In the recent past, she hung out with her girls’ gang, like the JC Penney’s photo shoot in November. That occasion witnessed Simone Biles being joined by Adria and the gang to share the moment. But these moments seem to have become too little for the gymnast in her present state. However, if there is sadness from the lack of fun, on the other side, there are moments of gains for the gymnast as well.

A new beginning is on the cards

One exciting new addition to the life of Simone Biles is going to be her upcoming house. The new house had come with a positive tone for her. So the visibly cheered gymnast often keeps sharing multiple snaps of the mansion since its construction days. Jonathan couldn’t make a steady appearance in all of those moments. But he remains another happy moment amid Biles’ ‘sad story’.

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Whenever Jonathan had his off time away from the NFL engagement, the loving husband shared the screen and warmth with Simone Biles. As of now, this has been Simone’s story, finding moments among the gloomy days. But on the Paris Olympics berth, the gymnast knows about how to settle with a positive mentality. Hope, the future days will be on that quest. 

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