Luke Littler ‘may retire at 27’ as darts legend Phil Taylor breathes a sigh of relief

June 10, 2024

Luke Littler ‘may retire at 27’ as darts legend Phil Taylor breathes a sigh of relief

Luke Littler has opened up on when he wants to retire from darts despite just breaking onto the scene.

Luke Littler has opened up on his plans to retire from darts. (Image: Getty)

Luke Littler has hinted that he could retire from professional darts in 10 years, when he is just 27. The teenage sensation has taken the sporting world by storm since reaching the World Championship final in January but could call it a day when most players would be approaching their peak.

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Should he continue rising at his current ranks then Littler is set for a historic sporting career and the great Phil Taylor’s records could even be in doubt. ‘The Power’ has won more world titles than anyone else with 16, but Littler may have several decades ahead of him to aim at matching or bettering the astonishing feat.

He could be the closest challenger to Taylor when all is said and done, an idea that Littler has already described as “crazy”, but the 17-year-old’s recent revelation gave a much stronger hint that Taylor’s records are safe.

Littler gave a tour of his Warrington home to the Times with all of his trophies on show. He explained: “There’s a big windowsill and a little windowsill and they’ve all got trophies and when you go down, as you come in the house, there’s a set of drawers with just trophies on it, and in the living room there’s trophies on the floor. Then I’ve got trophies in boxes in drawers. So, literally, no room.”

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Luke Littler is not planning to play profesionally into his thirties. (Image: Getty)

It was then put to home that if he carries on picking up trophies at this current rate then he will need a bigger home, especially if he plays long enough to potentially catch Taylor. Littler pondered over that idea before claiming that it is likely he will retire before getting the chance to do so.

“I’ve been playing a long time in the juniors, in the old British Darts Federation,” he said.“I might just do 10 or 15 years and retire, if I’ve had enough.”

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Phil Taylor’s records appear to be safe from Luke Littler. (Image: Getty)

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Littler went viral on social media for his supposed love of kebabs at Alexandra Palace, but insisted that he has to take care of himself now as a professional athlete. But it is a totally different story when he retires, potentially at the age of 27.

“It’s just about looking after yourself on tour,” he explained. “Soon as I got my tour card, my manager sat me down and said when you finish it could be 11 or 12, it’s literally all fast food, burgers or whatever. So I’ve got to look after myself, eat before I play.

“And when I’ve finished, even if I stay up to whenever, I just won’t eat. This is my new way of living. I love darts, and it’s going to be like this for ten, fifteen years.”