Boo Weekley’s pronunciation of ‘Akshay Bhatia’ is exactly what you’d expect it to be

June 1, 2024

As Boo Weekley has already proven numerous times this year, he might be the best thing to happen to the PGA Tour Champions content game. Whether it’s him hilariously describing Jim Furyk’s funky swing or him documenting his recent U-Haul experience, Boo has shown that all you have to do is hit record and watch him go.

Boo’s charisma was on full display yet again on Thursday when, naturally, he broke out his fishing rod and wound up reeling in a frog (?) from a pond at the Principal Charity Classic in Iowa, this week’s senior tour event. Before catching that frog, though, Weekley was describing his trip from Michigan to Iowa in a U-Haul, telling the story as only he can. “I called the airport, and they said they didn’t have no one-way rentals that go from there over here to Iowa. So I was like, OK. We got to lookin’ around and finally me and my old gal said, ya know, she said let’s just get a U-Haul.”

Weekley went on to explain that he thought she meant just a tiny U-Haul truck. He soon came to find out it was a huge, 15-footer. 

“We coulda put some old hammocks up in the back of it and just rode on down the road,” he said. “If it had some AC, like a window or something, you could have cracked that and laid back there in the back and had a ball.”

The full story, in Boo’s country boy accent, is a must-listen, if only for the moment at the 1:46 mark when Weekley says that he knows he’s not the only one to have driven a U-Haul to a tour event. Two years ago, rising star Akshay Bhatia drove a U-Haul to the Korn Ferry Tour’s Wichita Open because he was too young to rent a car. Or, as Weekley calls Bhatia in the video below, “that Osh Bosh kid that plays out on the tour.” Incredible:

You didn’t expect Boo to get his name on the first try, did ya? And, in fairness to him, it’s not the easiest name to pronounce. Many people still pronounce it as Aaaackshay as opposed to OCKshay, which is how Akshay himself has said it’s pronounced. If that’s still too hard for some, “that Osh Bosh kid” might be easiest. Boo may have inadvertently created one of the PGA Tour’s greatest nicknames.