This video of two Delta bag-handlers launching a college golf team’s travel bags is every golfer’s worst nightmare

May 22, 2024

Flying with your golf clubs, while often necessary, is among the least fun ways to travel. Not only are they a b—h to lug around, but once you finally do get rid of them at bag check, you now have to deal with the mental anguish of not knowing where they are or how they are being handled between now and your destination. Air travel is stressful enough as is. Add one of your most prized possessions to the equation and the stress multiplies by 10.

One way to quell the stress is to get a window seat, that way you can attempt to lock eyes with your sticks after the plane has landed and the baggage handlers start loading up a trolley. The problem with that is it can be a “see how the sausage is made” situation, which is exactly what happened to the East Tennessee State men’s golf team after they landed ahead of the NCAA Championships. 

Good lord. Every golfer’s worst nightmare right there. Right when you think you can take a deep breath because you see that your clubs have safely made it to your destination, these two clowns start tossing your bag around like a hot potato for absolutely no reason at all. It’s almost as if the one guy was actively trying to cause damage to everything inside of those bags. 

Now, just imagine what happens to your clubs when nobody’s watching, and filming, from 37B. It’s a miracle they ever end up to where your going and in one piece at all. Hopefully, no real damage was done to anyone’s clubs. And hopefully Delta never allows this guy near anyone’s bags again.