Tiger Woods score today at 2024 Masters: Complete Round 3 results from his worst career day at Augusta

May 20, 2024

Tiger Woods endured a rough third round at Augusta National.

The 48-year-old golfer made positive history Friday, making the Masters cut for a record 24th consecutive time. One day later, he turned in the worst career performance of his career at Augusta.

Woods finished Round 3 with a 10-over par 82, his worst score ever at the Masters, surpassing his two rounds of 78 in 2022. It also tied for the worst finish in Round 3 this year. He sits at 11-over par through all three rounds.

Woods started off strong with a handful of pars to keep him within striking distance of a top-10 finish, but his body seemed to give out toward the end of the front nine.

At this point, Woods doesn’t have a realistic shot at claiming his sixth green jacket. Nonetheless, he plans to return for tomorrow’s final round, likely in his patented Sunday red.

Shot 4: Woods taps in the par to end his day.

Shot 3: Oh my, what a putt. Woods nearly makes the 42-foot putt for birdie but will tap in the par.

Shot 2: Woods finds his way onto the green, but it’s a bit far for a two-putt.

Shot 1: One last tee shot for Woods today, and he just lands just shy of the fairway.

Shot 5: Another bogey for Woods.

Shot 4: Oh, no. Woods misses another putt.

Shot 3: A beautiful chip sets Woods up for a six-foot uphill putt for par.

Shot 2: His second shot manages to get closer to the pin without much difficulty.

Shot 1: Woods hits just wide of the fairway.

Shot 4: He taps in the putt for bogey.

Shot 3: Just short on the par putt.

Shot 2: As expected, Woods gets the ball closer to the pin, however, he overshot it a bit.

Shot 1: Woods clears the water on his first shot, but the ball rolls away from the hole. It’ll be a difficult two-putt, so more likely that Woods aims for par.

Shot 6: That’s a bogey for Woods.

Shot 5: A putt gets Woods in range for a tap in.

Shot 4: A bit short on the chip, he’s barely shy of the green

Shot 3: Woods overshoots the green, but did successfully clear the water. He will need to chip it again.

Shot 2: Woods sends the ball another 237 yards to get 47 yards away from the pin.

Shot 1: Woods isn’t in the most favorable position on the right side of the fairway 277 yards out from the tee.

Shot 5: Another bogey for Woods.

Shot 4: Missing putts has unfortunately been a trend for Woods today. He’s struggled to find a groove after a solid start.

Shot 3: Woods with another impressive chip shot onto the green, setting up a chance to salvage the hole with par.

Shot 2: The initial shot looked very nice, but it took a bounce to the right, forcing him into another chip shot to reach the green.

Shot 1: Woods finds the trees again. Will need to keep the ball low to escape this position.

Shot 4: Down goes the ball! Woods picks up a birdie.

Shot 3: A beauty of a placement. The ball sits just eight feet from the pin after a 63-yard shot clears the small stream.

Shot 2: Another well-placed ball gets Woods closer to the green.

Shot 1: Woods takes the tee shot 293 yards just off the fairway.

Shot 2: Once again, a great chip onto the green. Woods is six feet from the hole.

Shot 1: Another bad bounce near the green. A few feet the other way, and Woods would be putting for birdie. Instead, he’ll need to chip it onto the green for a potential par.

Shot 4: He might be back on track, that’s two straight pars.

Shot 3: That’s a great chip shot from Woods to get on the green. Par is very doable from this range.

Shot 2: An unfortunate bounce there from Woods. He avoided the trees entirely, but the ball bounced off the hill of the green and dribbled down away from the pin.

Shot 1: Woods made the fairway again, but will need to dodge some trees still. He’s 216 yards away f