Tiger Woods Makes Major Golf Return at 2024 Masters Tournament

May 17, 2024

Tiger Woods is back in the zone, returning to pro golf at the 2024 Masters Tournament on may 17, almost a year after a car accident that took him off the course.
Tiger Woods Spotted on Crutches in Rare Appearance After Car Crash

Tiger Woods is once again swinging easy.

The World Golf Hall of Fame athlete returned to the greens for the 2022 Masters Tournament in Augusta, Georgia, on April 7, which marks his first tournament since his recovery from a 2021 car accident.

Just two days before, when asked by a reporter about whether he thinks he can win this week, the golf champ simply answered: “I do.”

Tiger announced that he’d be returning to the sport on April 4 after a car accident in February 2021 stunted his career and mobility. “My recovery has been good; I’ve been very excited about how I’ve recovered every day,” he told reporters at a press conference. 

Tiger had fractures in his tibia and fibula, with additional injuries to the bones in his foot and ankle, Dr. Anish Mahajan, chief medical officer and interim CEO at the Harbor-UCLA Medical Center, said in a statement at the time of the accident. The car crash occurred as Tiger drove to the Rolling Hills Country Club and left him with a rod inserted into his tibia, as well as screws and pins in his foot.

Tiger Woods Through the Years

He still isn’t fully recovered, but doesn’t “have any qualms” about his golfing abilities, Tiger said at the press conference. Instead, he is mainly concerned about walking all 72 holes of the tournament, saying, “It’s going to be a tough challenge, and a challenge I’m up for.”

Tiger teased his return in December when he was spotted swinging the club with his 13-year-old son Charlie Woods at the PNC Championship in December. The annual two-day golf tournament pairs pro golfers with family members for 36 holes in two 18-hole rounds.

The father-son duo sparked interest in his return, but as he shared at the time, per ESPN, “I wish I could have walked with him and been with him every step like I was last year. Physically I’m unable to do that.”

Now Tiger is back on the course, swinging and walking in a tournament once again with three more days to go.

“I think that the fact that I was able to get myself here at this point is a success,” he said. “Now that I’m here, the focus is getting to Sunday on the back nine with a chance.”