Golf: ‘Have disagreements on…,’ Rory McIlroy on relationship with Tiger Woods

May 12, 2024

Rory McIlroy has clarified that he and Tiger Woods haven’t had a falling out despite their ongoing disagreement on world golf’s direction. The two were reported to be sharing a strenuous equation after McIlroy’s bid to join the PGA Tour’s Policy Board was vetoed. A report from the news website the Telegraph suggested that it was Woods who pushed back on McIlroy joining the policy board.

McIlroy, who’s currently participating at the Wells Fargo Championship in North Carolina, USA, said: “No, there’s no strain there. I think we might see the future of golf a little bit differently, but I don’t think that should place any strain on a relationship or on a friendship.”

“I mean, I think friends can have disagreements or not see eye to eye on things but have disagreements on things,” McIlroy added. “I think that’s fine. But no, I wouldn’t say — we had a really good talk last Friday for 45 minutes just about a lot of different things.”

McIlroy was on the policy board but had resigned in last fall. He is now on PGA Tour’s ‘transaction subcommittee’ which has been tasked with handling of day-to-day negotiations with LIV Golf parent Public Investment Fund of Saudi Arabia.

Ever since the announcement of the merger between PGA and LIV, McIlroy has softened his stance towards the joint entity. “It’s probably not going to feel great for either side, but if it’s a place where the game of golf starts to thrive again and we can all get back together, then I think that’s ultimately a really good thing,” McIlroy said on Wednesday.

Both the players will see each other at the upcoming PGA Championship where Woods would be coming back to the action for the first time since the The Masters.