Camila Giorgi’s Super Sensual Training Outfit: A Sight to Behold

May 12, 2024

To be precise, she was wearing a light gray patterned sports outfit, made up of a tight and extremely sensual top and leggings

Camila Giorgi thrilled her fans even during the training, wearing a sensational outfit to say the least. To be precise, she was wearing a light gray patterned sports outfit, made up of a tight and extremely sensual top and leggings.

The tight outfit, shared by the Italian tennis player on Instagram Stories, was immortalized by a selfie that Camila then promptly left for her followers. She completed the outfit with a beautiful digital watch with a white strap, hair tied in a ponytail and perfect make-up.

Only some time ago, the beautiful tennis player said: “As long as you have a body you can show off, take advantage of it because then at a certain age you won’t be able to show it anymore: my mother always tells me this, she has a unique taste and she really appreciated the photos.

My father is very open, he never says anything even if I wear heels or miniskirts: he lets me do everything as long as it’s done the right way.”

Camila Giorgi confesses: “Life is not just tennis”
Little tennis on her Instagram profile, lots of photos of herself.

Camila Giorgi has given her social profile a precise line, made up of personal shots, some of them provocative, others simple photos that represent her life, generally away from the tennis court. The tennis player explained this choice in an interview given a few months ago to the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera.

She said: “My life is not just sport. I can share tournaments, results and cups on other channels, but on social media I like to share another kind of thing. My femininity, my being a woman, even a blouse which I like, if I like.

No private life, that’s mine alone. I consider myself an introverted person, that’s how I tell myself. They’re just photos.” Still moving away from the tennis topic, Camila Giorgi was at the center of the debate when her doctor was registered in the investigation register for false anti-Covid vaccinations.

Having also fallen into the investigation, Camila Giorgi explained that her name was mentioned by the doctor to hype, but in reality she is certain of her innocence: “The investigation concerns the doctor, not me. I am vaccinated in several places, otherwise I would not have been able to play in these months. For me this story is over, I’m calm.”