How many Grands Prix have British drivers won in F1?

May 9, 2024

It has taken a longer time than what British fans would have hoped for, but for the first time again since the 2022 Brazilian Grand Prix, the British anthem was once again played for the driver finishing in P1 for Lando Norris in Miami. GPblog explains how many Grands Prix have the Britons won in Formula One and lists you the milestones here.With Lando Norris finishing first in his McLaren at the 2024 Miami Grand Prix, British drivers now have 309 victories in Formula One’s history. As Lewis Hamilton has won the most Grands Prix in F1’s history, he is also the most successful British driver, getting one third of that number with 103 P1s.Norris also added another victory to British drivers winning with McLaren, that total is now up to 55, with P1 finishes by Norris, Lewis Hamilton, Jenson Button, David Coulthard, James Hunt and John Watson.Mercedes, thanks largely to Hamilton, have 83 wins with a British driver behind a wheel of their car. Williams are five wins behind McLaren with 50, and Ferrari have 19, hoping to add more from 2025 onwards with the seven-time world champion.The UK also lead in terms of most race wins in Formula One ahead of Germany and Brazil. You could read our article on the nations that have won a race in F1 here.