Bills Mafia literally has a hand in this victory if Bills beat Steelers

May 8, 2024

The Bills make me want to… shovel! Scoop that snow out and… shovel! A little bit faster now… A little bit colder now…

It’s become cliché for NFL coaches and stars to talk about the role fans play in securing a win for the home team with their cheering and support, but if the Buffalo Bills defeat the Pittsburgh Steelers on Monday at Highmark Stadium in Buffalo, Bills Mafia can quite literally brag about the hand they had in the victory.

In a TikTok clip that’s gone viral across social media, Buffalo Bills fans are seen working feverishly to shovel the mounds of snow blanketing Highmark Stadium. The Bills famously put out an all-hands-on-deck bulletin over the weekend offering $20 an hour to snow shovelers to come help clear the seats and pathways in the Orchard Park, NY beloved venue.

In addition, shovelers would be offered “complimentary beverages and breakfast in the morning… in a comfortable warm break area.” That may be so but I’d be willing to bet a barrel of Buffalo wings that it wasn’t as comfortable and warm as shovelers’ heated kitchens back at home.

In short, there are a lot of great fan bases across the NFL, but few actually get the opportunity to play a direct role in helping their beloved home team secure a victory. The Bills Mafia are one of those lucky fan bases.

There’s a reason the Buffalo fan base is also known as “the 12th Man,” and is proudly labelled as such on the Buffalo Bills Wall of Fame inside Highmark Stadium.

It’s not just because of the endless hope and optimism they exude even in the face of Bills adversity (which there was plenty of this season). It’s because when they’re not breaking tables or sailing shirtless down makeshift snow slides, they’re doing everything they can to give the Bills a shot at that elusive first Super Bowl championship. The paychecks cut by the Highmark staff today might just be for $20 an hour, but the pictures coming out of the stadium are priceless. Go Bills!

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