REPORT 🥺:It is clear why Tiger Woods has not been announced as captain of the US Ryder Cup team

May 7, 2024

REPORT 🥺:It is clear why Tiger Woods has not been announced as captain of the US Ryder Cup team

If you wanted Tiger Woods’ Sun Day Red polo, you are too late

Woods’ brand, Sun Day Red, launched its second line of the month and the iconic red polo was one of a number of items to fly off the shelves.
Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Tiger Woods’ clothing brand, Sun Day Red, launched its second line on Sunday, May 5, finally including the red items.

Not surprisingly, they flew off the shelves.

Woods and Sun Day Red had teased ‘All Things Red’ leading up to Sunday’s launch. Within a few hours of going on sale, various items in the collection have already sold out.

After the initial collection, ‘The Hunt,’ was released Tuesday, fans complained about the lack of red items. However, it did not take long to give the people what they wanted.

Four color ways of the Delta PQ Polo exist, and only black smalls remain.

The red polo is arguably the most iconic piece of golf clothing since Tiger came onto the scene.

He has won 15 majors and 82 PGA Tour tournaments wearing some version of red.

The significance of his red polo stems back to his mother. Woods went on the Today Show to discuss Sun Day Red and explained why it is his color.

“My mom thought that being born a Capricorn that, red was my power color,” Woods said. “In some of the junior golf events in So Cal, I would wear red, and I won. Then, in spite, I wore blue at other tournaments — I didn’t win. So I then switched to red, and I had a lot more success wearing red.”

This launch also included the first versions of the Sun Day Red mock neck polos, ‘Fermi Mock’ and ‘3D Knit Mock.’ The hats were also available in red and black.

All of the hats launched in the red collection are sold out as well. The Cypress Tour Towel is also gone. The limited edition ball markers in red, silver, and black are no longer available.

Sun Day Red’s final collection on the website, ‘The Brave,’ still has no release date.

It appears Tiger will be at Valhalla Golf Club for the PGA Championship, as the Sun Day Red website listed his outfits for the week. Woods was also granted a special exemption into the 2024 U.S. Open at Pinehurst by the USGA in May.

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