Report: “Hope his arrogance is punished” Richard pietreczko lashes out angrily on Luke littler

May 5, 2024

Pietreczko showed himself as something of a bad loser on Sunday night after his defeat to Luke Littler (7-3) in the semifinals of the Belgian Darts Open in Wieze.

‘Pikachu’ walked off the stage visibly irritated afterwards and whilst it is not exactly clear why Pietreczko could not control his frustrations, it seemed to have to do with a moment in the sixth leg. Littler was leading 3-2 at that point and was on 147 after 12 arrows. He tried to throw out this score via treble 19, tops and bullseye, but threw his second arrow off the board. Pietreczko came back to 3-3 moments later, but saw the next four legs go to his English opponent.

The German was quick to leave Wieze after that. Quite soon after the game, Pietreczko posted a photo on Instagram showing ‘Pikachu’ already on the highway home. In the post, he lashed out at Littler. ”I have a lot of respect for being able to be so good at such a young age, but I hope his arrogance is punished,” Pietreczko writes.

Deta Hedman caused a commotion at the WDF Denmark Open in Esbjerg by withdrawing prior to her match against Noa-Lynn van Leuven.

The two players should have faced each other in the quarterfinals of the WDF tournament. However, Hedman is known as an ardent opponent of the admission of transgender players on the women’s circuit. To underline her opinion, she decided not to play a match against the Dutch player.