My goal is to ruin the logo’: Tiger Woods discusses new clothing line on NBC’s Today Show

May 5, 2024

Tiger Woods appeared on NBC’s TODAY Show to discuss a variety of topics, including his kids’ different opinions about golf, why he wears red on Sunday and his new “Sun Day Red” brand.

“She has … a negative connotation to the game, because when she was growing up, golf took Daddy away from her,” Woods told TODAY. “I had to leave, and I’d be gone for weeks.

“So we developed our own relationship, our own rapport, outside of golf,” he continued. “Meanwhile, my son and I do everything golf related.”

Woods’ son, Charlie, who is 15, recently played in a PGA pre-qualifying event for the Cognizant Classic in February and last month failed to qualify for the U.S. Open, which starts June 13 at Pinehurst Resort & Country Club No. 2 in North Carolina. He said that lately Charlie has been pushing back on listening to his advice.

“He’s 15 years old,” Woods said. “It’s what happens – it’s what teenagers go through. They’re trying to find their own place in the world.”

“The logo is a tiger. It’s nice and clean. There is some representation of what I have done in my career. There’s 15 stripes – I’ve won 15 major championships,” Woods said. “My goal is to ruin the logo. I want to keep ruining the logo. The trademark is this, and my job is to ruin it.”

Woods also explained why he wears red during tournaments on Sundays.

“My mom thought, being born a Capricorn, that red was my power color,” Woods said. “It’s a nice little tie to mom. In some of the junior golf events in So Cal, I would wear red, and I won. Then, in spite, I wore blue at other tournaments – I didn’t win. So I then switched to red, and I had a lot more success wearing red.”