Tiger Woods revealed he was dumbfounded when he witnessed the classic confrontation between Charlie & Sam Woods

May 3, 2024

Tiger Woods revealed he was dumbfounded when he witnessed the classic confrontation between Charlie & Sam Woods

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“Nibbling Each Other”: Charlie & Sam Woods’s Sibling Rivalry Gets Revealed, Courtesy of Dad Tiger Woods

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After all these years, Charlie and Sam Woods are still like little kids to their dad. After all, Tiger Woods is a wonderful dad who is always in awe of his kids, no matter what they do! Typical dad fashion! The brother-sister duo is gradually excelling in golf and soccer respectively. Although being a soccer player, Sam is spotted on the greens to support his father and brother, and the last time she was there on the course was during the 2023 PNC Championship. She caddied for her father, and as it turns out, the family affair was more fun than what met the eyes.

The two teens put on a fun sideshow for their father.  While talking to Jimmy Fallon on his talk show, the 15x major champion revealed that it was nothing more than a classic case of sibling rivalry between the two during the event. “These two were, like, nibbling each other and needling each other,” said the golfer in a playful manner.

The golfer seemed unconcerned while talking about the playful banter of his children because as a parent, he understood that this is how siblings just operate! “They’re brother and sister. They’re not gonna listen to one another,” said the 82x PGA Tour winner. During the 2023 PNC Championship, there was a moment when Woods Jr. shushed his sister.

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Sam was talking to Justin Thomas‘s mother, who was caddying for her son and husband. Tiger Woods was trying to take a shot at that time and the chatter was making it hard for him to focus. Woods Jr. gestured for her sister to stay silent. This incident reflects that the Woods siblings are also just like regular siblings, despite being famous!

The brother and sister’s nibbling alludes to ridicule, competitiveness, and disregarding one another’s advice, something all siblings relate to! Similarly, Charlie and Same are always eager to annoy one another and yet find a way to be on the same team when the situation calls for it!

The Woods siblings do get along somewhere

Tiger Woods’ son Charlie and daughter Sam have a common opinion when it comes to their father’s Sun Day Red clothing line. The siblings were adamant about making sure the brand met their standards for coolness. During a press conference in Los Angeles, Woods said that getting his kids’ approval was essential for the brand’s launch, even though they weren’t familiar with the technical aspects.

“They are kids, right? Something that looks cool, just doesn’t. ‘Dad, you serious?’ Things of that nature,” he explained to Erin Andrews about how his kids reacted to the apparel line.

“When I explained the process to them and the material that we’re gonna be using—the high-end premium products—that kind of goes a little bit above them,” he continued. “But they said ‘Dad, is it going to be cool?’ And I said, ‘Of course it’s gonna be cool.’ And that’s all they care about,” said Woods when explaining how his kids were on the same team when it came to the coolness scale of his brand.


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