Lewis Hamilton depends on Adrian Newey joining Ferrari to win his eighth world championship.

May 3, 2024

Adrian Newey could be missing out for Ferrari to secure Lewis Hamilton’s long-awaited eighth world title.

Aerodynamics expert Newey has officially left Red Bull Racing but will remain part of Red Bull Advanced Technologies until the completion of the RB-17 Hypercar in early 2025.

As a free agent this coming season, Newey has attracted interest from several teams. Ferrari is the race favorite to hire him.

Under the leadership of the team principal, Scuderia Ferrari is going through a rebuilding phase starting in 2023. The Frenchman implemented significant changes at Maranello, which yielded positive results.

One of his notable achievements was the signing of a multi-year contract with seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton, something previous team principals had failed to achieve.

Hamilton expressed his desire to achieve an unprecedented eighth world championship and believed that Ferrari was the perfect place to achieve this goal.

But despite its abundant resources, Ferrari struggled to match the technical prowess of Newey and Red Bull in F1’s ground-effect era.

This raises the question of whether Hamilton’s eighth world championship depends on his contract with Ferrari.

Fred Vasseur assembled almost all the necessary components to succeed in Formula 1. Gaining Hamilton’s trust was a great victory for Scuderia Ferrari.

However, the team is still behind Red Bull in terms of development. Although Ferrari made impressive progress over the winter, with Carlos Sainz winning in Australia, it became clear that Red Bull’s car was better.

Regulatory changes coming in 2026 could shake up the web. It’s worth noting that Ferrari came close but did not emerge as a dominant force during the last rule change in 2022. While Vasseur’s vision could give the team some much-needed direction, Ferrari appears to lack a strong technical leader.

This could potentially hinder their progress and give Mercedes and Audi a chance to overtake them in terms of car design.

There is no doubt that Adrian Newey’s arrival at Ferrari would have a major impact. The 65-year-old Brit recently met Vasseur in London, hinting at a possible collaboration.

With his competitive spirit and extensive experience, Newey would try to break the limits of the rules and restore the glory of Maranello.

However, the extent of his involvement may depend on the terms of his contract, since Newey has retired from daily action in recent years.

However, Newey’s expertise could undoubtedly be a key factor in ending Ferrari’s championship drought. Hamilton’s presence could further encourage Vasseur to secure the services of the aerodynamic genius.

Ultimately, the partnership between Hamilton and Newey could go down in history as one of the sport’s greatest duos, paving the way for Hamilton to etch his name into history with an eighth Formula 1 World Championship.

2024Brazilian soccer player Pedro Silva shocked fans with his impressive performance in the last game. The forward scored three goals and helped his team secure a crushing 5-0 win.

The crowd was excited when Silva deftly drove past the opponent’s defenders and finished accurately. His exceptional skill and unmatched speed made him stand out in the match.

The 25-year-old Silva has retired from football since his professional debut three years ago. His natural talent and tireless dedication made him one of the most promising players of his generation.

He has already attracted the interest of top European clubs who are looking to sign him next season.

In addition to his skills on the field, Silva is also known for his philanthropy off the field. He founded a non-profit organization that supports poor children in his hometown.

His generosity and compassion made him an idol not only for football fans, but also for those who admire his positive attitude and altruism.

With his recent brilliant performance, Silva once again showed why he is considered one of the best footballers in the world. His unparalleled skills and passion for the sport continue to inspire young players across the country.

There is no doubt that Silva’s future is bright and he will delight his fans with his extraordinary talent for years to come.