Tiger Woods reveals why he wears red, launches Sun Day Red on Today Show

May 2, 2024

Woods explained why red is his signature color and promoted his new clothing line on the Today Show.

Tiger Woods‘ clothing and apparel brand, Sun Day Red, is finally here. The brand officially launched Wednesday.

Woods promoted the line on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon Tuesday evening before joining Carson Daly on the Today Show Wednesday morning.

Daly and Woods spoke about various topics, from Scottie Scheffler’s wild swing to the relationship with his children. Daly also wanted to know why the Big Cat wears his signature color.

“My mom thought that being born a Capricorn that red was my power color,” Woods explained. “In some of the junior golf events in So Cal, I would wear red, and I won. Then, in spite, I wore blue at other tournaments — I didn’t win. So I then switched to red, and I had a lot more success wearing red.”

Tiger Woods sits down with Carson Daly to talk about golf, growing up in Southern California, his father and his new apparel line, Sun Day Red. pic.twitter.com/2TFbSNxzxq

“I’ll wear red at big events, on the last round of big events, because I cannot wear it every single day,” he said. “She said fine, ‘just wear it the last day,’ and I’m wearing it.”

Woods announced in January that he and longtime partner, Nike, were parting ways.

Shortly thereafter ahead of the Genesis Invitational, Woods unveiled his Sun Day Red brand with a few signature pieces, but May 1 marked the first time the public could purchase the products.

Although the first collection ironically did not include red clothing, many of the items had already sold out.

Woods explained to Daly the idea behind the new logo and his goal.

“The logo is a tiger. It’s nice and clean. There is some representation of what I have done in my career. There’s 15 stripes — I’ve won 15 major championships,” Woods said. “My goal is to ruin the logo. I want to keep ruining the logo. The trademark is this, and my job is to ruin it.”

The 82-time PGA Tour winner had partnered with Nike since the beginning of his career. But there is something special about wearing your own line.

“It’s incredible to wear something designed by athletes made for athletes.”

“The Hunt” collection is currently the only one on Sun Day Red’s website that includes tops, bottoms, hoodies, gloves, hats, ball markers and other accessories.

Some fans received exclusive access to the Pines collection, an all-green vibe modeled after his five green jackets. They had to sign up during Masters week to participate, and Sun Day Red selected a few for early access.

That collection will go live to the public in June. Two more collections, “All Things Red” and “The Brave,” will launch at a later date on the website.