Tiger’s Nike enigma, Hovland’s LIV takes, and Kisner’s revelation

April 28, 2024

Tiger’s Nike enigma, Hovland’s LIV takes, and Kisner’s revelation

Let’s face it, in a two-day, two-man scramble when the greatest team doesn’t always win, there was perhaps too much hoopla around Team Tiger. However, it was very awesome to witness Tiger, Sam, and Charlie marching toward a Sunday 61. It was reassuring to watch Woods finish another event at “game speed,” his new favorite expression, without faltering. Of all, if Bernhard Langer is destroying him, Woods has a lot of space to grow. However, nothing about his comeback suggests that he couldn’t succeed.


To hear a golfer simply go ahead and demolish both of them is quite refreshing in a professional golfing world defined by the PGA Tour vs. LIV. Following World No. 3 Jon Rahm’s departure, Viktor Hovland was once again linked to the is-he-going-to-LIV rumors last week, which sparked concerns about the possible exit of World No. 4. Hovland, however, stated that he will continue to play against the better players on the PGA Tour—at least for the time being—in an interview with Norway’s Espen Blaker on the FORE! podcast.

“I don’t think their item is that extraordinary,” he said of LIV. ( Take specific word choice with a grain of salt because the podcast was translated from Norwegian.) For instance, I seriously hate playing without a cut. You really want the opposition with 150 players and a cut and on the off chance that you don’t play alright, you’re out. It has something about it that sharpens your game a bit. In the event that I had gone to LIV, I don’t figure I would have improved as a golf player.”

Hovland declared that this marked the “end of the discussion.” Yet, it wasn’t, truly. The explanation he considered LIV in any case, Hovland said, is a direct result of what he considered PGA Visit blunder’s “damn terrible work.”

“To be precise: I am extremely appreciative of everything, and I have no reason to be unhappy with my position. In any case, the administration has not worked effectively,” Hovland said. ” They nearly consider the players to be work, and not as a component of the enrollment. All things considered, we are the PGA Visit. Without the players, there isn’t anything.

“They are businessmen who say, ‘No, it should look like this and that.’ When you get a chance to see what actually takes place behind closed doors, how the management actually makes decisions that are not in the best interest of the players but are best for themselves and what they think is best,’ There is a lot of haughtiness behind everything.”

Those are solid words for the Visit’s best in class star, especially given Hovland just gathered the FedEx Cup’s top award and procured some $35 million on the course in 2023. Yet, they’d positively prefer make them reprimand from inside than from an early on LIV public interview. Furthermore, praise to Hovland for expressing his genuine thoughts. despite the fact that I still need to practice my Norwegian.