What is the reason Tiger Woods never does this specific thing following PGA tour events?

April 25, 2024

Learn what made Tiger Woods stand out in the scorer’s hut after PGA Tour events, according to Steve Williams.

One thing Tiger Woods always avoids doing after PGA Tour events

On the “Chasing Majors” podcast with Australian Golf Digest writer Evin Priest, Steve Williams – Tiger Woods’ ex-caddie of many years – disclosed something that his former employer never did at the end of a PGA Tour tournament.

For 13 years on the PGA Tour, Williams worked as a caddie for Woods and played an instrumental role in his triumphs, contributing to a grand total of 72 titles and including 13 major victories. However, their partnership eventually came to an end in 2011. Presently aged at sixty years old,Wiliams looks back fondly upon this period of time.

Though money was never a concern for Woods throughout his PGA Tour career, it’s intriguing to observe that the 15-time major winner did not even peek at the prize money tally in the scorer’s hut following completion of all four rounds – an action almost every player takes before departing.

During a podcast episode, Williams expressed his admiration for Tiger and the various qualities he possesses. Amongst them, one specific trait that stood out to him was how after finishing a tournament, Tiger would swiftly make his way over to the scorer’s hut where he’d sign and submit his scorecard without hesitation.

The prize money allocation sheet is always available for everyone and allows you to check your rank on the screen as well as see how much you have earned. Despite this, Tiger never bothered glancing at it even once.

His motivation was to win trophies and set records, not for the sake of prize money.

After PGA Tour events, Tiger Woods always avoids doing this one thing.

The estimated net worth of Williams is $20 million.

Many regard the New Zealander as one of the most exceptional caddies in history, having accompanied renowned golfers such as Woods, Jason Day, Adam Scott, Greg Norman, Ray Floyd and Peter Thomson over time.