Rory McIlroy shoots down LIV Golf rumors, pledges PGA Tour commitment

April 20, 2024

Rory McIlroy maintains he’s sticking with the PGA Tour following a report that LIV Golf offered him $850 million and an ownership stake to join the league.

“I honestly don’t know how these things get started. I’ve never been offered a number from LIV and I’ve never contemplated going to LIV,” McIlroy told Golf Channel.

“I think I’ve made it clear over the past two years that I don’t think it’s something for me. Doesn’t mean that I judge people that have went and played over there — I think one of the things that I’ve realized over the past two years is people can make their own decisions for whatever they think is best for themselves and who are we to judge them for that? But personally, for me, my future is here on the PGA Tour and it’s never been any different.”

McIlroy doubled down on his commitment to the PGA Tour, saying he will spend the rest of his career with it.

“Over the last two years there’s been so many rumors of guys — I think the one thing I’ve realized as well … guys need to keep an open mind. I’m sure there’s been players that are still playing on the PGA Tour that have talked to the guys from LIV and had offers and whatever. …. It’s never even been a conversation for us.

“It’s one of those things. It’s unfortunate that we have to deal with it and this is the state that our game’s in. But I’m obviously here today and I’m playing this PGA Tour event next week and I will play the PGA Tour for the rest of my career.”

McIlroy’s agent said there was “zero truth” to the rumors and labeled them as “fake news.”

The four-time major champ had been one of LIV Golf’s more vocal critics since its inception, going so far as to say last year that, “If LIV Golf was the last place to play golf on Earth, I would retire.” McIlroy’s stance on the Saudi-funded tour appears to have softened somewhat in recent months, however.

“I wouldn’t say I’ve lost the fight against LIV, but I’ve just accepted the fact that this is part of our sport now,” McIlroy said in January.

He added then he was “maybe a little judgmental of the guys who went to LIV Golf at the start, and I think it was a bit of a mistake on my part because I now realize that not everyone is in my position or in Tiger Woods’ position.”

He echoed many of those comments while speaking Tuesday with Golf Channel. His personal commitment to the PGA Tour, though, appears to remain firm.