Report  : Jason and 5 other golf stars punished by Masters  for inappropriate dress codes

April 19, 2024

Report  : Jason and 5 other golf stars
punished by Masters  for inappropriate dress codes

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Report 🥺 : Jason Day and five other golf stars fined by Masters bosses for not following dress code
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 Australian in recent days has drawn attention to his choice of clothing and on Friday Jason Day was ordered to remove some clothing deemed inappropriate for Augusta National

Jason Day was later seen without a sweater vest

Masters. sprang into
 action and told Jason Day that he should wear a sweater vest because it didn’t fit the aesthetic and culture of the tournament.

 first major of the year takes place at Augusta National, where many traditions have been preserved. until today For example, customers, media and golfers are not allowed to use their phones anywhere on the clubhouse. Similarly, sponsorship and branding are usually minimal.

This is
 why there is a real lack of billboards and advertising on the course  Masters focus on their brand and keep themselves as clean as possible. But the golfers come with their sponsors, of course. Like Day.

The Australian joined Malbon after eight years with Nike earlier this year  and his kit was a little loud for the 2024 tournament.
 On Thursday, Day’s low-cut pants drew the ire and attention of fans. But that’s not all.

On Wednesday, Day’s jersey brought with it a whole new set of problems.
 Huge Malbon script on the front clearly revealed the brand’s name, with some online comparing it to a pack of cigarettes.

It seems the sponsorship was too obvious for Masters bosses, who once sidelined Day.
 he completed the remainder of his incomplete lap by Friday morning. According to Today’s Golfer, Day was informed that a sleeveless top was not appropriate at Augusta National.

 he arrived for the second round just a few hours later, the vest was gone. Day instead wore a white shirt, more in keeping with the tradition and minimalist feel of Augusta National.

 later confirmed that the Masters had asked him to remove the vest, saying: “Respectfully, because that’s the purpose of the tournament. . I is here and I understand that.” ,” he said. “I respect the tournament. That’s what we’re here to try to play and win the green jacket.


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