Personal Qualities I found myself in the honesty of Camila Giorgi’s story, but unfortunately I possess almost none of her admirable personal qualities.

April 18, 2024

With tennis weather upon us, it’s time for me to revamp my Tennis Minneapolis profile ahead of the new season. Despite Nick “The Mouth” Kyrgios’ impressive verbal skills on the court, I’ve decided to switch up my favorite player selection and opt for Camila Giorgi instead. Unfortunately, her name wasn’t available in the drop-down menu so I had no choice but to select Andre Agassi – a phenomenal athlete in his own right but not quite as integral as Giorgi is for me currently.

It could be argued that selecting Agassi would be similar to claiming MC Hammer as your all-time favorite artist purely because he was responsible for igniting your passion towards music when you were younger; while Open (Agassi’s autobiography) did reignite my love affair with tennis again after falling out of it somewhat over time, it was discovering players like Girogi which truly transformed how much enjoyment I get from playing sport now.

In 2020, while I was unemployed and watching the Australian Open live at night to pass the time, Camila Giorgi caught my attention. She gave me inspiration when I needed it most as I searched for direction in life. It turns out that finding myself meant discovering her game on the court.

While I was in between the matches that piqued my interest, I set out to find a pastime. It had become clear to me by then that women’s tennis held more appeal compared to men’s as rallies tend to go on longer and there are less instances of dominating serves leading up towards points won. Additionally – an added bonus for me- they wear skirts!

While browsing, I stumbled upon a Round of 32 singles match pitting Angelique Kerber ranked at the seventeenth position against Camila Giorgi. Based on her name, I assumed that she was Italian and after noticing the Italian flag next to it, I became an instant supporter of my compatriot underdog without even seeing her play. However, when finally laid eyes on her – something changed within me.

Upon seeing Giorgi, her beauty stands out as the initial impression. This was no different for me or my friends when I selected her to be my phone’s lock screen and we immediately observed how stunning she looked.

As she began hitting the ball during a match, I couldn’t help but compare her attractiveness to Maria Sharapova until she demonstrated an impressive level of skill that left me in awe. With each success on the court – flat shots with varying paces past even top contenders like Kerber – it became apparent that not only was Giorgi beautiful, but also incredibly talented; prompting me to humorously ask where this gem had been all along.

I experienced a slight sense of arousal paired with serious perplexity as I tried to understand how she could possibly generate so much power.

Despite her slender, toned physique standing at just five-foot-six, her hits packed the same punch as Serena’s! However, upon observing further, I began to truly appreciate and admire her unwavering approach – giving it 100%, repeating shots until they were perfected without compromise for results or opponents.

Her stubborn confidence in playing on fire reminded me of every Italian individual I had ever known; too hot to be burned themselves. In mere minutes, Camila Giorgi went from being an unknown tennis player to one that resonated most deeply with my own style and identity. Suffice it say.I was smitten! The end story remains untold…