JAW-DROPPING: Tiger Woods Enters PGA Tour enterprise’s board of directors as new vice chairman.

April 18, 2024

JAW-DROPPING: Tiger Woods Enters PGA Tour enterprise’s board of directors as new vice chairman
It appears Tiger Woods is set to take on a role on the new Board of Directors! The recent deal with the Strategic Sports Group and the negotiations that the Jay Monahan-led circuit is having with the PIF have all been made keeping the formation of the PGA Tour Enterprises in mind. However, it seems that the Tour has already declared the Board of Directors for the for-profit entity, and Mr. T is reportedly one of them.

Tiger Woods is a renowned name in the golf world. Much credit goes to his exceptional performance throughout his era of dominance. But besides golf, he was also in the spotlight due to his scandals and cheating accusations as well. Even his ex-girlfriend, Erica Herman, accused him of sexual assault.

Now, one of Tiger Woods’ oldest confidantes has disclosed a major secret about the Hall of Famer’s personal life in a book, talking about hidden truths about his marriage with Elin Nordegren. Let’s dive into the story for more details!

Tiger Woods was married to Elin Nordegren for almost six years. But in August 2010, the golfer was divorced by his wife, and as per sources, the outcome was a result of a cheating scandal. Woods had several affairs, but the fifteen-time major winner was found betraying his wife with a next-door girl. Elin couldn’t bear it anymore and decided to part ways.

In their years of marriage, there were several untold stories nobody knew about. And these are written in the book: ‘The big miss: My years coaching Tiger Woods’ by Hank Haney, who was the former coach of the eighty-two-time PGA Tour winner.

The former coach wrote that Tiger’s wife, Elin, once asked him to celebrate one of his victories since her former employee, Jesper Parnevik, used to do that with his wife every time he won.

But discouraging her thoughts, he said, “E, that’s not what we do. I’m not Jesper. We’re supposed to win.” This came as a shock to her, and she realized there were depths of understanding she had yet to fathom. Apart from having differences with Elin, Woods’ bond with Erica also made things sour.