Upon his return to Ohio State, Neal Shipley – the breakout star of Masters- received a hero’s welcome and was soaked in celebration.

April 17, 2024

At 6-foot-3 and over 200 pounds, Neal Shipley was already a physically sizable presence on Ohio State’s expansive campus. However, upon his comeback to Columbus following the Masters tournament of 2024 as its lowest-ranking amateur player, this descriptor now bears figurative significance too.

Expectedly, the graduate student received a warm reception from his Buckeye companions. A wet embrace accompanied it as well.

Witness Shipley being doused in a diverse range of drinks to commemorate his achievements at Augusta National, which consisted of being the initial Ohio State low amateur since Jack Nicklaus and garnering online fame through two viral videos.

Shipley shared with Pat McAfee on Tuesday that his lads were having a great time teasing him after he became an internet meme, but it was evident that they did so affectionately.

Although we don’t know Shipley’s academic timetable for the rest of the year, it’s likely that they’ve set aside some time in their dorm to celebrate properly. As representatives of those who have long since left college behind us, we urge you to live your life fully and without hesitation!