REPORT:PGA Tour champion makes shocking accusation about Tiger Woods

April 17, 2024

”Again”: PGA Tour champion makes shocking accusation about Tiger Woods

PGA Tour winner makes wild Tiger Woods accusation: “People in Tiger’s corner say ‘you better shut up about it.’ Nobody’s ever gone out like that.”

Former PGA Tour pro Mark Lye has made a wild accusation that Tiger Woods has used steroids on his journey to becoming a 15-time major champion, after appearing on the ‘Don’t @ Me with Dan Dakich‘ show. 

Lye, who won his sole PGA Tour title at the 1983 Bank of Boston Classic, spoke to Dakich just 24 hours after watching Woods finish dead last of those that made the cut at The Masters.

He explained how “80 to 90% of people out there know something ain’t right” when it comes to the subject of Woods taking ‘roids down the years on the PGA Tour.

There have been multiple rumours in the past of Woods using performance-enhancing drugs, something GQ took a closer look at in 2020.

Ex Tour pro Lye thinks Woods has taken steroids

Back in 2007, Golf Digest ran a piece with Gary Player who said ‘at least 10 golfers around the world’ were using some form of performance-enhancing drug at the time.

As it stands, a whole host of Anabolic Androgenic Steroids and Exogenous Anabolic Androgenic Steroids are on the PGA Tour’s anti-doping program banned substance list.

When pressed by Dakich if Woods, 48, has ever used steroids on the circuit, Lye, 71, did not hold back in his assessment.

Lye said:

“Yes that is [the general feeling], except for the people in Tiger’s corner [say] ‘you better shut up about it’. Nobody’s ever gone out like that, nobody’s ever really said that like I’m saying it now. There’s just no doubt. I would say about 80 or 90% of people out there know something ain’t right.”

After realising he was probably walking down something of a rabbit hole with his comments, Lye then got Dakich to quickly turn the conversation around and discuss The Masters and Scottie Scheffler’s commanding four-shot victory at Augusta National.

Once Lye departed, Dakich then spoke at large about Woods.

He said while he remains a big fan of him, he does believe he’s now “cooked”.

Woods finished last of those that made the cut

Woods made the halfway cut to set a new outright record (24) for cuts made at The Masters.

The five-time Masters champion then shot a disastrous 10-over 82 on Saturday, which marked his worst-ever score at The Masters as well as at a major championship.

Woods closed with a 77 to finish solo last (60th) of those that made the cut.

Lye retired from the game a year before Woods emerged on the professional scene in 1996.

In August 2015, Lye was hired as a co-host of ‘The Scorecard, which aired on SiriusXM on weekends of PGA Tour events

He was eventually fired in February 2022 after making negative on-air comments about women’s sports.

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”Again”: PGA Tour champion makes shocking accusation about Tiger Woods

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