Jon Rahm, in an interview with a Spanish newspaper, revealed that he detected “unfriendly behavior” from past tour contacts during the Masters 2024 at Augusta.

April 17, 2024

At the recent Masters Tournament held at Augusta National Golf Club, Jon Rahm endured a seemingly unpleasant experience. However, this wasn’t solely due to barely making the cut and achieving a T-45 finish via struggles on his part.

Despite his best efforts, Rahm was unable to record a single subpar round at the Masters and appeared visibly demoralized on occasion. However, there was more than just disappointing golf contributing to the defending champion’s unease. In an interview with Spanish publication El Mundo, the 29-year-old revealed that he had not been receiving much warmth from some of his previous PGA Tour associates whom he hadn’t encountered since joining LIV.

Rahm acknowledged, “I have observed unwelcoming behaviors. However, I was not taken aback since my companions have remained loyal to our friendship. Nonetheless, a few individuals with whom I shared an amicable bond did not bother giving me any consideration.”

Rahm did not reveal the person he was talking about, but it is certain that Scottie Scheffler is not one of them because they were seen sharing a laugh during Scheffler’s green jacket ceremony. It seems there are no hard feelings between them.

Rahm expresses greater astonishment at the identity of his freezer than at being frozen itself.

He said that if someone alters their perception of him, it is not his concern but theirs. Furthermore, he knew what would occur but was uncertain about the person involved.

Hugo Costa, the author of El Mundo’s article hinted that Rahm had previously shared a positive bond with Max Homa and Patrick Cantlay before his departure for LIV. He implied that these two individuals may have expressed their disdain towards him at the Masters event. However, without specifically mentioning any names, Rahm refrained from pointing fingers.

It will be a fortnight before Rahm hits the greens again, as LIV Golf Adelaide at The Grange Golf Club in Australia marks his return to action. However, it’s going to take another month until we witness him competing against the best players of PGA Tour once more – he’ll be taking part in the prestigious tournament at Valhalla Golf Club in Louisville, Kentucky from May 16-19.