In a Pat McAfee appearance, Neal Shipley confesses to resembling a “dumbass” in the amusing Masters videos and provides an explanation.

April 17, 2024

Although officially recognized as the lowest-ranked amateur at the Masters, Neal Shipley’s viral moments on Sunday at Augusta National also elevate him to becoming the most talked-about golfer. On Tuesday’s episode of Pat McAfee Show, Shipley, a grad student from Ohio State University, explained two events that turned into internet memes.

To revisit the press conference, which concluded with an uncomfortable moment centered around Shipley’s round of golf played with Tiger Woods on Sunday. An inquiry was made by a journalist regarding a letter that he witnessed Woods pass to Shipley at the eighth hole. This is how Shipley answered:

Shipley’s presence in Butler Cabin alongside champion Scottie Scheffler, defending titleholder Jon Rahm, CBS’ Jim Nantz and the Augusta National chairman Fred Ridley had individuals speculating as to what captured the attention of this young man outside of the camera’s view.

What’s the deal with “notegate”? Shipley brought it up in his amusing moment alongside McAfee, affirming that Woods did not leave any note and he was only perplexed about where the inquiry originated from as he gazed at the moderator.

Shipley says in the clip, “I glanced over at the moderator with a bewildered expression. I couldn’t help but wonder who this guy was because it simply didn’t make sense to me. The whole situation had caught me off guard and left me feeling utterly perplexed.”

Thus, it is confirmed. Shipley acknowledged that his boys were quite critical of him and stated, “I am grateful for their constructive feedback. It keeps me grounded.”

Shipley explained that the reason behind his restless glances throughout Butler Cabin was due to nerves about potentially blurting out something inappropriate, especially profanity. Consequently, he glanced at the teleprompter frequently in order to ensure he didn’t miss his turn during the customary ceremony.

It is understandable why the young man found himself in such a difficult situation. He acknowledged this after hearing about it through being “roasted in the group chat” and recognizing that he appeared foolish. During his interview, Shipley even made fun of himself by glancing away at one point.